Exchanging Trailer Boxes and Ribeye Steaks

Tuesday April 30, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Some shopping

I needed to return my trailer tool box as it was too big and might run into the car when turning, especially backing up with it. They had another tool box with the front corners cut off and that’s the one I needed.

I loaded up the larger unit and was off to Tractor supply to exchange the unit for the smaller one with the corners cut off.

I found the guy that helped me out yesterday and told him my problem and got the unit exchanged for the one that would work.

Spare tire

I was also in need of a spare tire for the trailer. I checked through their tires and found the one I needed and paid for that. Now I  have to make something to mount it to the trailer.

Headed to Marty’s house to check how he is doing on putting a lithium battery  and controller in his old van as it’s like my old van. He wants to put a modern refrigerator freezer in it which I need to do also.


Getting to his place was no fun as the freeway was already jammed up with afternoon traffic. I also was going to AAA to apply for a license for the new trailer. I  made it there, but they couldn’t help me out as the DMV has to get it in their computer system so now I have to deal with them but not today.

Marty’s house

I continued on to Marty’s house on the back roads but got lost as I haven’t been that way in years and finally made it to his house. We discussed his plans and what equipment he was going to use and how it was hooked up and now think we know what is required to get things all hooked up.

Headed to Costco, but

I took the back way to Costco and was just ready to get on the main road to that place.,,,,,But

The intersection I needed had red lights and orange cones keeping me from making the turn towards Costco and that road was now backed up real bad so I couldn’t even get on it by going up the road as there were just too many cars backed up on it. So, I tried taking the back roads, not knowing exactly where they went and finally got around the accident area and made it to Costco.


I just wanted one thing, a big ol slab of rib eye steaks, uncut. One can save a lot of money buying them this way.

I headed on home from there and cooked me up a big ol steak for dinner.

Nice day.

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