Rocking Ruts At My Cousin’s Place

Friday June 14, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Driveway repairs

I headed up to my cousin’s place on this road to do some work on her driveway. It had big ruts in it and needed lots of rock to fill the ruts in.roadup1

I loaded up the bucket and tracked the load up to her place, up ahead a few hundred yards or so.loadrock2

I filled the ruts in with rocks and smoothed the rock out on the driveway.driveway3

I hauled twenty loads of rock and got the driveway all smoothed out.driveway4


That took most of the day. I get pretty bored hauling rock but it needed to be done.

Rock slide area

On the way home I stopped at the rock slide to get a load of larger rock for a creek crossing down near the bottom of the mountain that I’ve been working on filling up for some time.rockslide5

On the way down, I stopped here to put some of the rocks in this crossing.spring6

I made a little dam out of the rocks that will catch the silt during rain storms and fill up with dirt eventually, when it rains.rockdam7

Creek crossing

Here’s the creek crossing I’ve been working on filling up. I added this load of rock to the pile. It’s looking pretty good. A couple more loads should do it.rocks8

From there I headed on home and it was nap time.

Nice day.

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