Rocking My Cousin’s Driveway

Saturday June 8, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Waking Skiddy

Skiddy was all fueled up so all I had to do was put my ear plugs in,  hop in and push the start button. After a short warm up,  I headed out the gate and up into the forest to the ridge top at my cousin’s place.skiddy1

I was hauling loads of rock up their driveway to repair some low spots in it. I hate to haul rock, but it needed to be done.rock2

Once I dumped a load of rock, I smoothed it out a bit and then drove back down to where I was getting the rock and loaded up again.driveway3

I did that for a few hours until I was bored to death and then rode on down to this overlook for a break as I’s had enough of that for one day.viewspot4

After a good break I drove down this road headed to the place I’m dumping the new spring water from the pipeline project.road5

I pulled in here and looked around and sampled the ground some. I think it’s too rocky to hold much water. A small catch basin is what looks like will only work in this spot. lostridge

From there, I headed on home for the day and a nap.

Nice day.

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