Working On Another Pipe Line and Just Riding Around the Forest

Saturday June 15, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Pipe line work

I drove on up to the spring where I was working on a pipe line trail.rig3

It’s not really a good time to be digging as the ground has hardened up quite a bit, but it needs to be done.

I got over half of it done before my back started screaming at me and I was a bit hunched over.trail1

Some one had discarded a bunch of bamboo and palm tree stuff off the road above so I had to work my way through that and I made it to here before I had to quit.woods2

I’d had enough exercise for the day so I just rode around looking at stuff and enjoying the day, for the rest of the day.

Spring for a drink

The first place I stopped was at this spring where I got a good drink of much needed water.spring4

I had a nice cup of water before moving on.spring5

I headed down this road.road7

Mosquito fish

And made it to my pond where I sat for some time watching for the little fish that were in there. The fish seem to be doing  their job as I didn’t see any mosquito larva in there which was good, as they are called mosquito fish.pond6

I rode around some more and ended up at my new pool I made a short time ago and spent some time there thinking about what I might want to do to make this better.pool

My back was still screaming at me, so I worked my way back to my house and went in the house for a nice long nap.

Nice day.

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