Seal Heaven, If I Can Make It

Monday June 23, 2014 Jenner CA.

I posted two blogs today, so if you want to know why I’m so tired out today, you might want to read the posts in sequence by reading the one below this one first?

But first I have to get out of bed

Getting out of bed this morning wasn’t too easy as my body was still hurting from all the stuff I crammed into yesterday. But eventually, I did get out of bed and put the cold pack on my back before heading on down to Jenner to kayak for the day. Since I was all worn out, I had planned to just take it easy today, but that didn’t’ work out.

A walk and some berries

First off, I went on over to the Swamp Rock trail and went ashore to eat a few berries. There aren’t too many of the little black berries left, but I did ok.

Here is my boat where I put ashore to get some berries, looking up river.kayak


I noticed this seagull on the shoreline. It seemed to have a bad leg and was hobbling along feeding.seagull


Steve shows up

Eventually, Steve showed up and wanted to go on up the river to the Great blue heron rookery. I didn’t think I had the energy to paddle up there and back, but I joined him and we started making our way up the river.

Here is our view as we paddled along, just past eagle’s landing.upview


We paddled up under the highway one bridge at a slow pace stopping along the way. Just past the bridge I noticed this bird sitting on the shoreline a bit on the funny looking side. It is a loon and just seemed to be sleeping when I came by and woke it up.loon


We were paddling on up to seal heaven and almost there, but it didn’t’ look like any seals where there, until we got real close and there were three harbor seals there resting on redwood logs. They can really blend into the logs they are on and look just like part of the logs.

Here is one of them checking us out as we paddled on by.harborseal


And this one that just jumped up on the log.seal2


We continued on, me getting real tired out by now.

This is our view as we paddled on up the river, just below Markham hole.view


We pulled into Markham hole  and stopped for a break. I told Steve I was only going up to the big trees you can see on the left center of this picture.riverview


I turned around at this point

We paddled on up there and I left Steve to continue on, as he wanted to fish just before dark to see if he could do any good. I was beat, so started on back.

This is the spot we parted for the day.steve


Big old chain

The big ship chain was exposed on Ship Wreck Island as I went on by. I have no idea what this big piece of chain was used for at this spot in the river, but this river does have some real old shipping history from the early days.chain


Seal Heaven on the way back

My view as I approached Seal Heaven on my way back down the river. A couple harbor seals and some cormorants.



I passed by this harbor seal fairly close. It’s one that mostly stays in the river and should know me quite well. It wasn’t going to get off it’s log and stayed as I passed pretty close to it.seal3


Remember that resting loon I took a picture of on the shoreline on the way up. It was out in the water fishing now as I paddled by.loon2


And the wind came up

When I arrived at the highway one bridge, the wind came up, blowing a gale, so paddling became a bit more work. I worked my way along the shoreline staying out of the stronger winds as much as possible.

With all that work, I needed to take some breaks along the way and this is one of the spots I stopped for a bit. Note the whitecaps out there.eomf


The wind seemed to be letting up some as I continued on down the river past eagle’s landing and on into the Jenner launch ramp area. I was so tired, I could barely get my boat out of the water and onto my car.  But I did and went on home, about six PM, for another long day.

The ice pack went back on my back right away and that got me a little nap for about a half hour, before getting something to eat and that was my day, a nice one, but a little bit on the tuckering out side.

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