Octavio and I Go For a Forest Ride In the Rain

Wednesday February 14, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

I thought it was going to rain pretty hard today the way the weather guys have been talking, but it turned out to be mostly showers.

Once I got it going I did some puttering around the yard and mixed up some seeds for the chickens feed as the barrel was almost empty.

Then the new side mirrors for my new side by side caught my eyes and I decided to install them.

I had them almost installed when Octavio showed up in his truck. He’s a sales guy from John Deere and was bringing me out a service manual and a part for my new skidder.deere

Rain ride

I hadn’t tried out the new side by side in the rain yet, but I thought it’d do pretty good as it has a top and a windshield which should keep most of the wet stuff off us.

It was raining lightly when we took off for the hills. We slowly made it to the top of the hills. The views weren’t too good as the clouds and the fog blocked most of them.

I forgot to put the small chainsaw in the rig so we had to carefully get under a couple of trees across the road. The roof made a lot of noise going under one of the leaner trees but didn’t get ripped off which was good.

On the way up, we stopped to get a drink of water at one of the springs. It’s likely that was the first time Octavio drank water from a spring.

After a good ride, we headed back to  my place and Octavio took off.

I puttered around the yard and did some chair hopping with the chickens.

Just before dark, I went over to my brother Tom’s house where he loaded me up with a number of packages of ocean fish he’d caught so I’ll have plenty of ocean fish to eat for awhile.

Nice day.

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