Forest Ride, Load of Rocks and Load of Firewood

Sunday March 17, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Forest ride

Barry showed up for a ride this morning. He washed his bike while  he was waiting for me to get ready to go.wash1

Big log

We rode up to  have a look at the big log he was going to cut up for firewood soon. It’s a big log so he has to study it to  make sure he cuts it up right so it doesn’t get him.log2

Then we took off for a ride around the property.log3

Break spot

Then ended up here at the top of the ridge where we take a break.top4

Blue sky

Mostly a boring blue sky today. We’ll take it.bluedky5

After riding around some more, we headed back to my place and Barry took off for his place.

Constructive work

I had a good break until a bit later when I decided there was still a bunch of time left in the day and I might as well do something constructive.


I rode up to the rock slide to load up with rocks.slide6

Most of these are small enough for me to load, but the bigger ones need to be broken up with a sledge hammer which I brought with me.rocks7

It wasn’t long before I had a good load of rocks.loaded8

Spring water

I  headed out for the place I wanted to put some of the smaller rocks but stopped at this spring for a drink of water.spring9

Water crossing

I’m filling this place that water crosses the road when it rains with some of the smaller rocks which I started the other day.crossing10

I added the smaller rocks I had and I still need more of the smaller ones to finish this up.rocked11

Erosion control dam

I rode on down to this erosion control dam where I was going to put the larger rocks behind this dam.dam12

I noticed the plant life was doing real good here. A big fox glove plant in some sorrel and mint plants.plants13

I put most of the bigger rocks in this backside of the dam and will add more to fill this up to help keep the dam there when it rains hard.rocks14


After that I still had enough time to go back up the hill and get a load of wood I cut the other day and loaded up and took the load home and unloaded it.wood15

Nice day.

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