Spring Time Bulldozer Road Maintenance, Finishing Up

Monday May 22, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Bulldozer work

I figured I had about one more day of dozer work up in the hills to finish off the work I needed to do from last winters heavy rains.

I took some transmission oil up and filled the transmission up to it’s level and the dozer was ready to go.dozer1


I had to drive the dozer up higher into the hills to get to the roads I wanted to grade and improve. The route took  me by our main spring, so I stopped at it for a bit.spring2



The purpose was to get a drink of water, so I did.s[romg3


Then I worked my way over to here where I needed to take a break for a bit before continuing on down the road working away.dozer4


This road was in pretty good shape, but I did smooth a couple spots out  and improve the water drainage in a couple spots.road5


The road down to this spot needed quite a bit more work as I hadn’t dozed it in many years. I stopped here for another break, then took off down that road.dozer6


I ended up in this spot, not too far from the recent spring I’d been working on.dozer7


A walk

I had to walk back to where the quad runner was parked walking up this road.road8


I had to walk up that road to the right, following the tracks to where the quad runner was parked, about a couple hundred yards or so.roadup9


I got all the work done I wanted to do for now and made it home ok.

Nice day.

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  1. Nancy K says:

    The only thing better than working with my horses was running a Cat. I should have been a heavy equipment operator. One year it flooded badly south of here and I got to take the cat down and pull stuff out of the river. Boy did I love it. I guess I got that from my Dad who was a Cat operator at the National Wildlife Refuge, working nights to keep us afloat in the cattle business.

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