The Russian River Estuary Level is at 7.6 On the Gauge Today

Sunday, June 30, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Yes, the river’s mouth is still closed

It was to be another warm one today, so when I got up, I did some yard work right away. I raked up some dry leaves under some trees by the house and did some other puttering in the yard. I left the piles of leaves for some other time, which I’ll likely use as mulch on something.

Around noon I came in the house for a nap, after which I got something to eat and a bit more of a rest as I wanted to go down to Jenner around two PM today, to let most of the other people down there head for home, before my arrival.

I arrived just before two and the place was packed with cars. I made my way to the boat ramp and unloaded and had to hunt around for a place to park, which I did find without too much difficulty.

The sun was up and there was some breeze. There were still quite a few boaters on the water.

I headed across to Penny Island, where I paddled to the west end. Since the water was up, I paddled onto the island to see what was up. Not much, a few ducks and an egret.

The snowy egret was preening itself on an old redwood log, on Penny Island.egrit


After awhile I headed down to the River’s mouth which was still closed with sand. Some pelicans landed while I was down there in the picture below. Note the sand is only a little over six inches high, you can see the ocean  behind it. That’s the jetty on the left.pelicans


I thought this was an interesting picture. Know what it is? Ocean water coming over the jetty.wash


See the big ocean wave breaking over the jetty below, shorty after that, I took the above photo.jettywave


High tide was around 5:30 pm, which I wanted to see, to see if it would break the sand dam in the rivers mouth, but it was too early yet, so I headed back up the River to Eagle’s Landing, then back down to the river’s mouth to see what would happen? The tide wasn’t high enough to break the sand dam, so not much happened.

I paddled back up and around Penny Island again and then went back into the west end of the island where Steve showed up.

One more time down to the river’s mouth for a bit just before the sun went down and then back to the visitor’s center to take the boats out for the day.

Here is Steve, sporting his umbrella sail, as we headed back up the river to the visitor’s center take out.steve


And this is what the sun looked like just before it was ready to go down.sundown

We were off the water around 8:30 PM and headed for home where the day had cooled down by now.

Had a nice day.

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