It’s a Warm One, But Not Me

Saturday, June, 29, 2013, Jenner, CA.

Ok, so I did duck out to Jenner.

It was nice out when I got up this morning, so I went out in the yard and put some water on my four new cherry trees and gave them a good soak. I did a few other things out there which I can’t seem to remember at this time? :O) No matter, as it got toward noon I came back in the house as I was hungry and made some tortilla dough. I rolled and cooked three for now. I ate two plain and the third one, I got creative. I put some of my new boysenberry jam on it and rolled it up and reheated it in microwave just to warm it. Hummmmm good.

Somehow I was able to get a picture during the process, which is below. The thing didn’t last long. Also note, I’m still not any good at making round tortillas. But they are tasting better.



Of course there was a little nap in there too.

After I rested up, I went down to Jenner and put my boat in the water. Quite a few people out today, getting away from the heat in land. Here it was sunny with a light breeze and not hot.

I crossed over to Penny Island and thought I saw some one I knew in a a kayak, looked something like Char, but no, but yes, she said is that you Bob? Yes it was her with a friend. We shot the bull for awhile and then went our separate ways.

Since most of the people where down near the river’s mouth, I headed up the river to Eagle’s landing and put ashore there. With the water high because the mouth is closed, there isn’t much of a shore line to land a boat right now.

This is where I pulled my boat ashore at Eagle’s landing. This area is also known as Poison Oak Alley, for a reason. Lot’s of the stuff.boatashore


This is what a part of Poison Oak Alley looks like. It’s nice and lush, with lots of poison oak mixed in it, which is hard to see when you’re walking though this stuff.trail


There were these little blue flowers along the trail.blueflowers


And a bunch of the thimble berries were getting ripe. I ate a few, but they were a bit flat.

The reddest one at the bottom of this photo is just ripe. The one with the bug is over the hill and the other two pink ones haven’t turned ripe just yet.



I spent an hour or so at that spot, then put my boat back in the water and slowly headed down to the river’s mouth.

The river’s mouth is still closed, with about a foot to go to get over the sand and maybe open.

This is a picture of the river’s mouth, or where it should be. Some seals and birds are taking it easy on the beach…mouth


And some pelicans flew in while I was sitting there. pelicans2


The seagulls are taking a bath.pelicans


I hung around the mouth for awhile and headed back to the west end of Penny Island, which was getting more and more covered with water as it rises because of the river’s mouth closure. The gauge at the visitor’s center read 7.5 feet today, which puts quite a bit of water on the west end of the island.

This male great blue heron was sitting on the island as I checked the water level out.heron

6:30 PM, I’m tired and ready to go home, so I pulled my boat out and went home for the day.

Hummm. The temperature read 100, still, so I went in the house where it was still cool and took a nap and waited a bit more for the temperature to drop and it did shortly, to a pleasant evening.

Had a nice day.

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