This Lady Sure Made My Day

Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012, Guerneville, CA.

A great email from a nice lady and van work too.

My mind was still working overtime last night and I didn’t get to sleep until about five in the morning, so didn’t get up until about eleven in the morning, with intentions of working on my van injection project.

Last night I received an email that I greatly appreciated that made all my troubles with the PGAD thing very worth the trouble. This lady really did make my day and night too.

Here it is, I guess I can put it in here without her permission, I’ll leave her name out.

Man, did I appreciate this ladies email.

Hi Bob,

I read all your posts and i think they were terrific.. You actually made my day.

You are a great writer and am very impressed. I have had PGAD 2 x and went right into Pudendal pain and no PGAD.

I am about 70% cured, and also a vegan since birth, do i do watch my diet on daily basis. I see one of the top specialist in the US with this disorder and he is doing a great

job and has cured many i mean many people without any surgery.

I feel very bad for everyone here on the site and for yourself. I do hope you get better, keep sticking in what you believe in. I have a great friend on this site

and her name E. She is an amazing person and walks many of these women through treatments and plans. But may i tell you something, you really should not stop writing on

this site and let me explain why. People on this site that do write on daily basis are very miserable and not willing to change, so ignore them, and let them be, because i do not

think they will ever change. But there are people out there in the hundreds that do go onto this site on daily basis that do not right one word, but read the daily messages to

see how to enhance themselves. So for someone like myself who has never ever written on this site, loved your posts and very educational. Probably the most i have ever seen here. So for the other few hundred people out there do not stop writing on this forum and continue doing what it is you do. Forgive my writing English is my second language.

Take care my friend & Happy Holidays from your friend in NY.

My, was that ever nice of the lady to write me with those words.

So, it sounds like I might be on the right track on this. I still decided not to rejoin the list, but, I’m asking her to keep me informed of what going on there at the list and anything important to let me know.

Hope she will do that for me. :O)

Since I got up so late, the sun was already out from that big redwood tree that usually blocks it for awhile in the morning. My plan was to check out my new air cleaner stuff and start finishing up the wiring harness and start the fuel line installation.

My new air intake filter stuff arrived a couple days ago, so I needed to check out how it would fit and all the stuff around where it would mount.

As you can see from the photo below, this is quite the intake system. Looks like something for hot rodding, but no, just the kind of stuff one can find to work with this old van.



I installed it and started making adjustments to things around it. Below is what it looks like installed and the wiring harness installation cleaned up, so things look fairly neat now. I bet some hot rodders would be envious of this set up? It’s only a little six cylinder engine under all that, so it’s not going to be a drag racer or anything like that.



I started the fuel line hookups to the TBI injector unit so I should be able to run the rest of the fuel lines to the tank next time I work on it. Then, just have to make some electrical hookups and a few other things and I should be able to try firing it up, maybe in about a week, if all goes well. Takes that long, because I have to play too. And, I have to make something to hold that new air cleaner in, some kind of mount for the air box.

That was it for the day, a very productive day.

Had a great day.

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