Restful day in the House, Mostly

Saturday, Dec. 15, 2012, Guerneville, CA.

Started out the day with a repair job

It was sorta over cast when I got up this morning, about ten thirty. My goal today was to go across the street and see what I could do to repair a wall thermostat in our family rental unit, that my brother had installed a couple weeks ago, that was reported to be having some problems.

The lady said it was doing some kind of surging and clicking since he installed it, but wasn’t doing it now. Isn’t that always the way of things?

So, where are the installation instructions? Not to be had, my brother likely throw them away, such is life.

So, I took it apart and looked at it, yep, lots of little colored wires, ,but what did each one do and was it hooked up right? Nothing like a little challenge to start the day.

Next best thing, go online and find the instruction manual, which I was successful  at. But it said to match the wires up before removing the old one and some tags come with the new unit to mark said wires.

During this reading I noted that it said to set a jumper for gas or electric, did my brother do this.

Took a look at said jumpers and sure enough, they were set to gas, but, this was electric, so maybe that’s the problem?

Reset those jumpers and did a test they described to see if it was wired right and as far as I could tell, it was, so my brother mostly did a good job, at least I think he did. I told the lady about the jumper and said to let me know if she still was having problems, so I hope I fixed that one.

More good intentions gone down the drain.

Now, my intentions today were also to work on my van injection system, so I put an electric heater in it and when it got warmer in there I went out to work on it, but the weather wasn’t the kind that made you want to work on anything, especially since I would have to crawl under the van several times to work on things and the van wasn’t parked in a garage, only half in and half out of a car port.

So, stocked up on wood from the wood pile, stacked next to the wood stove and made something to eat and coffee and did the rest of the day in the house, contemplating all the things I’m into. Did a lot of research into the corn thing.

I did contemplate vacuuming the house, but that didn’t’ happen either, need to do that soon though. :O)

I only have a little to complete my van injection project, so I am egger to get that done and see how it works. There will be a good day soon and I will put more effort into getting that done.

Be prepared to run to the desert

Who knows, all the stuff I’ve been into lately, I might have to run away to the desert and I need that thing ready to go so I can get out of here fast, if I have too. Nothing like running to the desert to get away from things. :O)

You can’t know good, unless you know not so good

Some days are just inside days. One needs them to appreciate the outside days. You can’t appreciate good, unless you know what not so good is. :O)

Had a great day anyway.

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