Tote Boxes, Neighbor’s Fuel Problem, Electrical and a Ride In the Forest

Thursday June 6, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Van storage

I put the tote boxes I bought yesterday in the van to see how they would work out. I think maybe one of these would work out better than two of them as it would be easier to get into just one of them, rather than two of them.totes1

Neighbor’s rig

While I was thinking about that, Tom came by so we went over to see how the neighbor was doing repairing his rig that we looked at yesterday and decided he had a fuel problem with the rig.water2

Tom’s checking the fuel tank to see if he can detect any water in the tank and how to maybe take the fuel tank off.gastank3

We were getting lots of water out of the fuel line to the engine.suckgas4

We talked about taking the fuel tank off to clean it out but the neighbor decided to use a hose to syphon the water and fuel out of the tank.suckinggas

Tasty stuff.uck5

He got a gallon or so of water out of the fuel tank before it turned to diesel.

I had him undo the supply hoses to the injector pump and get the water out of them also.

I gave him instructions on what else to do to get it started and left him at it.working7

Tom’s electrical work

Then we went over to Tom’s place and tried to pull some electrical cables through a pipe to go to a subpanel, but the wire was almost too large for the pipe and it wasn’t going to work, so we made some plans and changed how we would do it and Tom took off for the shopping center to get some more stuff to make it work.

Back to the van work

I went back to work on my van.

Here’s the three totes I bought yesterday for the job. I decided I didn’t really need both the red boxes, so removed the top one.totes8

Forest ride

Later in the day, I hopped on the dirt bike and rode up into the forest for a ride to check some stuff out and just go for a ride.

I stopped here on this trail to throw some sticks off the trail.bike9

And then rode on up this trail.trail10

I was heading to this spot where the spring water was coming down a pipe. I  hadn’t really thought out what I was going to do with all the spring water I piped down to this spot so I studied the area for awhile deciding what to do with all the water.flat11

I’d made this small pool for the water. Maybe I need to make it a bit larger?pool12


I rode on up to this overlook spot for a break and just enjoy the day.sly13

And eventually continued my ride around the property and then went on home.

Nice day.

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  1. Judith says:

    So how does that much water get into the fuel supply? (I have no clue about any of this, especially diesel things.) Maybe he can avoid whatever conditions make this happen.

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