Van Work and Checking On the Neighbor’s Diesel Problem

Wednesday June 19, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Sore back

I worked it too hard the last couple of days and it hurts pretty good, so that was incentive to try and take it easy today.


I needed to grease the van so I got the grease guns out and got under there and got it all done, taking a few breaks while doing it to rest my back.grease

Next was to check the transmission and transfer case oils. I drained a bit out of each case to add some stuff.oil


You can see that there are some slow oil leaks on the transfer case and it’s the same on the transmission. That big one is me draining some oil.oilieaks

I added some of this AT-205, Stop leak which is supposed to soften up the rubber seals.205

Neighbor’s problem

I heard my neighbor get his rig started for a bit so I went over to his place through this gate to see what he was doing.gate

The machine starts and runs at full bore all the time and no idle. I had  him clean all the old diesel out and he did, but that didn’t fix it. rog

I don’t have any idea what would cause that. I gave them the name of a local guy that is a better diesel mechanic than I am.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Van Work and Checking On the Neighbor’s Diesel Problem

  1. KennyD says:

    From watching a lot of diesel repair work on You tube, these folks may be able to help over the phone. They know about everything there is to know about diesel engines.

  2. Mr. Ed says:

    Bob it sounds like you have throttle body stick.. with a throttle rod, goes through the cowling of the tractor to the governor body . It sounds like that rod at the governor body is frozen. Can you pull the throttle back by hand directly at the throttle close to the governor body. The rod that comes out of the governor body usually has a brass bushing in the case of this machine. It sounds like it may be a steel bushing, and it may have been rusted
    Follow the Excelerator rod to the governor body pay close attention to the stub . That comes. out of the governor body. it’s self. The throttle rod may be a floating throttle. Where are the mechanism in the governing body is not even so the Excelerator rod moves the one of the governing body does not

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