Time To Deal With That Big Old Tree Across the Road

Saturday February 24, 2024 Guerneville CA.

This is the big old tree that fell across a road a couple days ago and needs to be cleared out of the way.stump1

First cut

I need to safely make the first cut in it, right behind the saw would be the safest spot, as when the log falls to the ground it would hold the stump up from falling on the road.log2

I safely made that cut and all went well.cut3

Then I went over the bank and tried to make another cut to remove the part on the right,………But.


The chain stopped going around and seemed to not be getting any oil on it.

I had a look at it and decided I’d have to go home to try and figure out what was wrong with the saw to cause this problem.noil4

Before I left for home, I used the small saw to trim this brush out of the way and some other stuff too.brush5

I cleaned all the saw parts up once I was home and couldn’t see anything wrong. It appeared to be oiling with the saw running and the bar off, so I put it all back together.saw6

Just in case, I took my oil can back up with me as if it didn’t oil, I could oil it up manually with the oil can periodically.

Next cut

I made the second cut here to get a piece small enough to move by hand which went well and I was able to roll that small piece down the hill. I could hear the small log rolling a long ways down the hill. i expect to find it on the road way down below this road, but I didn’t look.cutpu7

Third cut

I checked everything out carefully and made the third cut here which left enough of the stump log to hold the stump up and still provide room to get by. I was barely able to roll this one off the road and I think it rolled even further that the first one down the hill.cut8

That’s pretty good, but the piece on the right could use to be moved a bit to provide a bit more room to get by.path9

I wanted to move this piece off the road a bit, but it was too heavy to  move as the rest of the tree down the hill was attached to it. I have a use for the rocks I gathered there in a bit.rocks10

But first I went over the bank and cut a junk of the tree off the upper piece. The upper piece is still rather large and in the brush there on the right which you can’t see.logs11

Looking at the end of the log on the road, I figured I could lay on my back and use both legs to push it off the road a bit.. I could barely move it with my legs, but I could rock it slightly and with much effort, I was able to move it this much, just enough. Now I’ll use those rocks to fill the hole in that the log made when it fell.push12

I had to gather more rocks to fill in the hole.rocked14

There’s plenty of room for a truck to get by now and I’m beat as it took a lot longer than I thought to get this done.done15

It’s good to have that taken care of. I’ve sure been busy cutting trees off the roads this year. These larger ones sure are a chore.

Nice day.

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