Trail Work, Blue Clay and Planting Poppies

Thursday May 16, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Forest work

Barry showed up this morning and wanted to work on opening this trail I worked on yesterday. He also wanted to get some more buckets of clay, so we hopped in Hondo and headed up to the trail.

Barry cuts a small log off the trail.saw1

We worked our way all the way down to the end of the trail and walked back to my rig.

Headed to the blue clay area

Then we took this road, headed to the blue clay deposit.road2

Fox gloves are starting

On the way, I noticed the fox gloves are just starting to bloom.fox3

Blue clay

At the blue clay site, Barry loaded up three buckets of clay. It appears like this blue clay deposit might be a big one which is good as I have lots of uses for blue clay.clay4


I stopped at the pond on the way back to my place. The fox gloves are just starting to bloom here too.pond5

Forest ride, planting poppy seeds

We made it back to my house and switched to the motor bikes for a ride in the hills.

Barry had a bunch of poppy seeds with him that we had to stop most everywhere so he could scatter some seeds.seeds6

This ridge was a good place for some of the seeds.seeds7

And this spot gets a lot of sun so they should do well here.planting8

He had a lot of poppy seeds but eventually he ran out of them.


We stopped at this spring for a drink of water.spring9


Eventually we made it up to our break area at the top.resting10

Nice day.

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