Trailer Work Project and Checking On Scrounging Some Old Pipe

Friday May 17, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Trailer project work

I continued to work on getting the parts made for my new trailer. I needed to weld up this pipe to make it the proper length.table1

I laid the pipes in a piece of angle iron to keep it lined up and it’s now ready to weld it up, which I did.pipe2

Then I clamped the pieces to make this stuff to the trailer where the parts go, so things will be lined up when I weld it up.trailer3

I clamped the mounting pieces onto the trailer.bracket4

Ready to weld up

And then set the pipe in them so it’s ready to weld up.setup5

I welded things up and now have two pieces I need to paint.parts6


I had enough time to get a couple coats of paint on them and will have to put another coat on them another day.paint7

I needed to let the paint dry so I needed to do something else.

Headed up to the forest

I had some old black plastic pipe I wanted to check out. It was abandoned and laying in the forest. I needed to walk along it and check it out to see if I can get it out of where it is to use it on one of my projects.

I parked by this spring. The pipe I want is down and off to the right where it is real steep country, so I headed down that way along the pipe.rig

It was slow going to get through all the debris following that pipe.forest

I pulled the pipe up out of all the forest stuff as I walked along it.pipe8

Old tank

The pipe went down the hill about a thousand feet or so and ended at this old tank, where I cut it off so I can try to remove it later. I also let the water out of the tank as it’s a good place for mosquitoes.tank10

Water at the spring

I  had to make my way back up the hill, back to where my rig was parked. Lucky there was a spring there for a nice drink of water.spring11

Nice day.

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