Trailer Box and Spare Tire Mount Work

Wednesday May 1, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Trailer box mount

I needed to get the trailer box mounted so I got out my tools and got to it. I measured and marked the spots for the holes in the bottom of the box so it would bolt to the trailer tongue.boxholes

And it wasn’t long before the box was mounted to the

Making a spare tire mount

I purchased a spare tire for the trailer yesterday and was going to  just buy a mount for it, but I couldn’t find a decent one, so I’m making one.

I decided to  mount the spare tire here so now I know where to build a bracket and can now design one for this spot.spare

I got my tools out and started cutting and drilling and welding the bracket together.tire

Here’s the first piece of the bracket, the part that holds it onto the trailer.bracket

I thought I had some wheel studs, but I looked and looked and couldn’t find any so I’ll have to buy some.

Without the studs, I don’t know the size hole to drill to bolt the tire to the bracket. I need to drill that piece there that will hold the studs that will  hold the tire on. I also need some lug nuts for it and will have to buy some, although I know I have some, somewhere.tirebracket

Van’s fridge

Marty is getting one of the newer battery operated chest fridge, freezer units for his van and talked me into getting one. I tore out the old gas/electric fridge and this stuff out of the van to see if I can figure out how to put the newer unit into the van. It’s going to be  a tight fit, if I can get it mounted in there.fridge

Nice day.

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