Working On the Trailer Spare Tire Bracket

Thursday May 2, 2024 Guerneville CA.

Trailer license

I needed to get my new trailer licensed and I also needed some wheel studs and nuts for the spare tire bracket I was building.

The place I bought the trailer from said they could do it so I headed on back to Tractor Supply and they took care of getting it going with the DMV.

I then found the wheel studs and nuts I needed. After paying I was on my way home.

Van transmission project

On the way home I stopped at a guys place to ask him some transmission questions. I want to replace my manual three speed with an automatic transmission in my van. I’m hoping to find an automatic that will drop right in and replace the manual one. I think I’ve talked to enough people so far to almost know what I’m talking about. I likely won’t do that project until late in the year when I’m sure I won’t be using it.

Trailer spare Tire Bracket construction

I’d picked  up the studs and nuts for the spare tire bracket, so now I could drill the holes in the bracket to mount the studs, so I drilled the two holes for the studs. Then I set up to finish welding up the bracket.welding


After the bracket had cooled down some, I put the first coat of paint on it.paintime

After letting the paint dry each time, I applied two more coats of paint.paint

The paint was still a bit sticky when I bolted the bracket onto the trailer.bracket

Here’s the new spare tire all mounted up and ready to go.spiretire

That project is done, so now I can move on to the next one.

Nice day.

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