Transplanting a Plum Tree, More Car Radiator Repairs and Strawberry Hangers

Friday April 1, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Radiator repairs

I checked the car’s radiator for leaks this morning and it looked ok,………….But.car1


Plum tree transplant

Then I did some chair hopping and eventually got up up and started digging out this little plum tree I had started from a stick here a couple of years ago and it was now time to plant it in a better spot now that it was growing good.digging2


I had to dig a pretty big hole to get it out and I had a little help.treeout3


I took the tree over to the new hole I dug last night and I got a load of decayed woodchips to add to the mix and I got a water hose over to the sight to gave the new tree a good water soak once planted.tree4



I got the tree planted and then I let the chickens do their thing and clean up any seeds and bugs they could find to eat.planted5


While the chickens where doing their thing I sat in a chair here for a break.chickens6



I was doing some chair hopping when I heard a commotion near the front gate so I went out to see what was up. The tree trimmer guys were here with a load of freshly cut woodchips and unloading them. I chatted with them a bit.woodchips7


Weedy strawberry hangers

I’ve noticed a lot of weeds have grown in my strawberry hangers over the winter and I was wondering if I should just leave them and see if the strawberry plants would outgrow them as the strawberry plants grow vigorously once they get going or should I take them out and replant the hangers, removing all the weed plants.berries8


Hangers have worked well

These  hanging plant hangers have worked well with the strawberry plants growing in them. The berries grew well in them last year and all I had to to was eat the berries as the there is a water system above them that waters them when the blueberries get watered. I don’t remember having any problem with bugs either. I did remove a lot of small weed plants during the season which were easy as they didn’t have much of a root system like the plants now have.

As you can  see some of the weeds are growing well. The strawberry plants are  just starting to grow.weeds9



I found the plants with the dirt pulled out fairly easily so I removed all the plants from this one and separated the berry plants out before replanting the strawberry plants.plants10


I then gave them a good watering and was done with that one.planted11


Little test

I think I’ll do all but one of them that way and leave one to test out what would happen if I didn’t do that. Would the strawberry plants outgrow the weeds eventually.

One more time

I had another look at my repaired radiator and found a small leak as I didn’t put enough silicone on the repair so I drained the fluid and put some  more sealer on to cure.ratiator12


Old lemon tree

I planted a lemon tree in the back when I moved back here about thirty years or so ago. The frost killed the top of the tree and I haven’t had any fruit on it since then.

But this year it appears there are some type of lemons on it. I tried one. They are lemony but they are mostly full of seeds with  just a little lemon fruit inside.lemons13


Nice day.

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2 Responses to Transplanting a Plum Tree, More Car Radiator Repairs and Strawberry Hangers

  1. Gaelyn says:

    I like the strawberry plants up off the ground for easier picking.

  2. candace says:

    The rootstock from the lemon tree may have overgrown the lemon variety that was grafted to the rootstock. From the appearance and your description of the sourness and seediness, it seems likely. Can you get a closeup photo of the leaves, that would help. There are some of these trees at Luther Burbank Gardens in Sebastopol if you want to compare.

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