Two Crowns and Worms For the Peeps

Wednesday August 8, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Easy morning

This was going to be a dentist day so I had some time to kill in the morning. I just puttered around the yard a bit.

I called the place I get the little chicks from to see what they had and decided I wouldn’t get anymore chicks right now.

Setting the van up for brakes

I also put my  van in the carport to set it up to take off the back brakes to find out just exactly what size shoes I will need to get. I’ll remove the back wheels eventually to find out, but I have to get some time to do it first.

Good dentist

I was at the dentist in Forestville around 1PM. The receptionist lives down the road  from me and has just started with chickens too. She has 4 of them so we shot the bull about them until it was my time to sit in the chair.

I asked her where she got her chicks and it was some ranch in Forestville. The chicks they had where the same as the ones I got at the Western Farm Supply, so I think they are getting chicks from the ranch so I’ll have to check into that some more for future chicks.

Need two crowns replaced, darn

The Dentist popped a crown and prepped the tooth under it for a new crown as there was some decay under it. She then checked on another tooth she thought she could fill under the crown, but I lost on that one as it also needs another crown.

Not into shopping

I was going to go shopping at the shopping centers after my dental work, but I wasn’t in the mood so I stopped at Safeway in Guerneville and did a bit of shopping instead.

Worms for the peeps

Once home I had a good nap then went out and dug some worms for the new chicks as I wanted to introduce them to the chicks as they haven’t had any before. It took them awhile to start going for the worms but they did go after them with gusto after a bit.

I had some left over so I gave them to the older chicks which now jump up in the air a couple feet to take them out of my fingers. They like these big night crawlers.

Safe for now

The older chicks are about a month and three quarters now. They are getting big enough to start eating, but I’d like to eat the roosters first as I will have too many of them, but I can’t tell them apart yet, so they are safe for awhile yet.

I’m not looking forward to killing them, but I am looking forward to eating them. :O)

Kayak prep

I also washed up my two extra kayaks a bit as I will need them this week for our elementary school reunion which starts tomorrow.

A bit of chair hopping and that was it for me today.

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