Van’s Burnt Engine Wiring Repairs Start With Labels

Friday July 30, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Where to start

I wasn’t really sure where to start the rewiring process but I knew I needed to get started.

This wasn’t the place to start

I was thinking I would install the new distributor but without wiring on the engine I couldn’t  turn the engine over easily to set up the distributor so it wasn’t long before I set that idea aside for later.

Need some labels

I started looking at the burnt wires and decided to start putting some labels on the ones I knew.engine


Label everything

After a bit it was plain to see that the way to go was with labels. I matched wire insulation colors and sizes when I could and labeled things one by one working away taking my time and doing some chair hopping around the yard too, mostly just puttering along on this job and slowly getting things done.

Tape and marker for the labels.labels


Into the battery compartment

I had to get into the battery compartment to see where all those wires went and marked them appropriately.



How’s the chickens doing

I checked on the chickens in the afternoon.eggboxes


And collected todays eggs. There’s about a weeks of eggs here.eggs


Continuing with the wire identification

And then I dove back into the wires around the alternator and got them labeled.alternatorwires


All but two identified

I was able to get all but about two of them labeled. I think they are wires for the panel gauges which I can track down later as I’ll have to dig under the van’s dash to track them down.

Wiring supplies

I rounded up all my good wire to use for this job. I should have enough to do the job, if not, I’ll get some more.wire


Worn out

All that climbing around the van getting in and out and getting under it and out wore me out so I completed the day with some chair hopping around the yard just enjoying the evening.

I should be able to replacing burnt wires tomorrow.

Nice day

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  1. Nancy K says:

    I think I’m going to take up chair hopping. One of my tricks is to take pictures of everything before I take it apart. It makes it a little easier to know exactly where everything goes together. Don’t know if it will help with wiring though.

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