New Air Cleaner and Some Leaks Need Fixing

Monday September 6, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Final stuff done on the van

I hoped to finish up the last stuff I need to do to the van to finish up and do a test drive today.

New air cleaner

The engine is a little naked without it’s air cleaner so I started out with that.engine


I cleaned off most of the smoke from the metal parts of the air cleaner and thought of painting it but decided it looked ok without the paint.air


There, that looks better with the new air filter installed.cleaner


Belly pan

After a good break I got the stuff ready to install the belly pan which is always a pain but not really that  hard.pan


Stores are closed today

I was trying to hurry on getting this stuff done as I wanted to go to town and get some propane. But when my brother Tom came by he informed me that most of the stores were closed for the holiday so since there was no need to go to town I slowed things up as I had all day to do what I needed to do to finish up.


I cleaned out the tools and stuff and sweep the carpet and put my chair back in.chair



After some chair hopping around the yard and a break or two I got the grease gun out and greased all the grease fitting under the van.grease


Fluid checks

And then I checked the fluids in the transmission and transfer case. The transmission fluid was down just a little but not enough to be concerned about.

Test drive

Around 7 I decided to take the van to town for a test drive and get some gas.

Gas station leaks

So off I went to the gas station. When I pulled into the station and got out I could see I had a water coolant leak and I  also had some oil leaking out of the transfer case rear seal.

Pain to get gas

Gas was fun when I hit their 150 dollar limit and tried to use the card again and the card didn’t like it and the next card I used I think I used the wrong pin so I had to go inside to get the cashier to do the card thing and it only took ten more dollars worth. I like to have a full tank when I leave on a trip.

Small gas leak

I noticed a small gas puddle under the gas tank by the filler too that I’d have to check out when I get home.

Back home I checked the gas leak and found a clamp that needed to be tightened up so I took care of that.

Oil drip stops

I checked the transfer case oil leak and it had stopped so I think it will be ok for this trip but I will have to replace that seal eventually.

I looked for the coolant leak and wasn’t sure exactly what was leaking so I tightened up the hose and will test it again tomorrow when I get some propane.

Things are slowly coming together and I’m getting all the problems sorted out. Some of the problems are from the old van sitting around too long because of the virus thing.

Nice day.

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