Weed Mowing, Picking, Eating, and Cooking with Blueberries

Sunday May 31, 2015 Guerneville CA.

It seemed like a good day to stay home and stay away from Monte Rio. I needed to get some of the weeds mowed that were drying out, mostly for fire protection.

I filled the mower with gas and mowed for about an hour before I gave out. After, when I was looking around at what I had mowed I noticed I had run over a yellow jacket’s nest and they were now flying around the hole a bit in the pissed off state, so I didn’t get too close. I’m surprised they didn’t sting me when I ran over the hole, but I’m glad they didn’t. I decided to deal with them later tonight.


Here’s the old mower I used. It must be pushed around the yard and is good exercise for sure and it’s good at tiring me  out too.mower


Uncovering the blueberries

After the mowing, I had a nap and a cup of coffee and decided it would be a good day to see how the blueberries were doing that I covered up last week.

I pulled the bird protection back to see if any berries were getting ripe?berries


There were enough blueberries ripe to warrant me picking them so I got a big bowl and started in. berry2


When I first started picking them, most of them didn’t get into the bowl and were sure good. But eventually the bowl started to fill up.bowl



There’s really nothing quite as good as eating things right off the plant. I’ve been fortunate to be able to eat a lot of stuff off the plants and trees all  my life. Very fortunate indeed. :O)blueberry3


Blueberry cake

The real reason I wanted to pick blueberries was I wanted some cake.  And I was thinking blueberries would be real good in one and they certainly were.blueberrycake


That pretty much rapped up my day and yes, the blueberry cake is real tasty.

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