Beating the Older Age Cozy and Going Out in the Rain

Monday June 1, 2015 Jenner CA.

Older age likes cozy

I woke to a light rain and the weather guy said it was likely going to shower and drizzle today. My older age says I should stay home where it is nice and cozy, but if I listened to my older age, I’d stay home too much and not get out in some interesting weather, so I got it going and headed down to the river to kayak.

When I arrived at Jenner, the drizzle had stopped. As I was putting my boat in the water, John the kayak renter guy pulled into the ramp in his kayak. As I put  my car away, a lady came up to me and said her name was Meg and she was a blog reader of mine. Her and her friend were just coming in from an early paddle.

I pulled on my rain pants and got in my boat.

Big cold drops

John and I shot the bull for a half hour or so and by that time a light rain had started. I paddled across the river to Penny Island where I hoped to get out of the rain under these big trees, but the rain had already saturated them and they where dropping big cold drops off their limbs, so I didn’t stay there long. channel


The rain picked up a bit and I had to put my camera away.

I paddled on up the river in the light rain passing some cormorants fishing. I saw one of them get a small flounder about three or four inches long. They continued to fish around me and I shot this picture after the rain stopped.cormorants


The rains stop

After about an hour, the rain let up and the there was almost no wind as I paddled up by Dead Deer Gulch here.russianriver


The geese are quiet

I turned around at this point and started back down the river along it’s edge. I could see some geese by Paddy’s rock as I paddled on by. For once they weren’t honking, for whatever reason.geese


Day dreaming

I paddled down to the lower end of Penny Island and pulled into this spot and where I did some heavy day dreaming.napping


I think I was in that spot for about and hour before I continued on down to the river’s mouth area.

I saw this brown pelican fly by as I was  going, headed south along the ocean shoreline.pelican


Mouth is sorta closed

Checking out the river’s mouth, I found it to be closed a bit, but the sand isn’t that high and it could open again by itself. There were seals and seagulls resting on the beach. You can see the sand isn’t much higher than the river’s water level, only about a foot.rivermouth


I paddled on down to the end of the river where this harbor seal and these birds where resting.birds


Water samples

While I was down there, looking back up the river, I could see this boat stop for a bit out in the middle of the river.  I decided it was a biologist taking water samples. Shortly he was gone.biologist


I started on in and passed by this surf scoter.scoter


And this great blue heron posed for an exceptional picture.blueheron


Lush flowers

I also went by these flowers called Prides of Madera. They were looking real lush, maybe because of the earlier


I got showered on lightly just as I was coming  to the ramp area for just a bit, about five minutes, then it looked like this as I finished up the day.jenner

I came on home and just puttered around and did some watering and that was my day.

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One Response to Beating the Older Age Cozy and Going Out in the Rain

  1. Meg says:

    Hi Bob,
    It was a real pleasure getting to meet you yesterday! Kind of a cold, wet paddle, huh?

    I’d forgotten that I posted a question about paddling at Monte Rio here at this site, so yes, that was me. We have an inflatable kayak, as you might have seen, so we are very wind conscious, which is why we were on the water so early. Previously we’ve put in up near Willow Creek but I’m inclined to believe that is the windiest section of the river.

    Keep sharing your adventures on this great river with the rest of the world. There are so many wonderful things (phosphorescence!) we would never have seen if it weren’t for your blog. Thank you!

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