Dsl Modem, Willow Creek and the Closed Monte Rio Boat Ramp

Saturday May 30, 2015 Jenner CA.

A new DSL modem

First off today, I needed to get an new DSL modem to replace the one that failed yesterday. I had planned to go to a Sebastopol Radio Shack, but on the way there, I had to detour around Forestville for a parade, which put me in a different direction, so I headed for a different Radio Shack in Santa Rosa. That Radio Shank said no, they don’t carry modems. Ugh.

So, I was near my friend Marty’s and decided to pay him a visit and then go to Best Buy to get a new modem. But on the way to Marty’s house, I remembered he had a modem he no longer used, so I’d ask him for it.

Marty was home and we had a good visit and he had a modem that would do the trick, so I didn’t need to go buy one.

Headed to Jenner

After our visit, I headed on home where I got something to eat, then headed on down to Jenner to kayak.

As I passed through Monte Rio, I looked over to see if the road to the boat ramp was open or closed and I was glad to see it was open.

As I was driving into Jenner, I could see Steve across the river in his blue kayak, so I put my boat in the water and went across the river to join him.

It was overcast and foggy, with the wind down as we slowly made our way up the river.foggy


We went by this loon which I’ve been seeing daily and has been getting braver each day, so I’ve been able to get better pictures of it.loon


To Willow Creek

When we got up to the highway one bridge, I asked Steve if he was up to going a little further up to Willow creek and he was, so we passed under the bridge and continued up the river.bridge


If you didn’t know where Willow Creek was, you’d likely not see it’s entrance point, but knowing where it was, we headed right into it here.willowcreek


It’s a very scenic lush area and very peaceful too. Here’s what the creek looks like almost to the point of as far as we can paddle into it.willow


We saw some movement under the branches hanging over the water which turned out to be this mommy duck with her little ones doing their best to stay out of our sight.mallaards


We sat back in the creek for quite a spell taking it easy. When we started to leave, we could see the wind was really up just outside the creek area.

We pulled in under this bridge to get out of the wind for a bit.creekbridge


We noticed these swallow nests up under the bridge. They are built out of mud.swallownest


This mallard duck and her little one popped out just in front of me just as we left Willow Creek.duck2


Once we got back out on the river the wind wasn’t as bad as we worked our way back down the river along the south side.

We stopped for a good break at Dead Deer Gulch, here. It was late in the day, around seven PM I believe.deadgulch


Fish tracking biologists

We watched as these biologists motored by heading home for the day. That’s the fish tracker boat. The batteries in the fish tags only last ten to fifteen days, so once they plant the tags in some fish, they are committed to tracking them until the batteries are dead.tracker


Jumping deer

About 7:30PM we were in the little channel at the upper end of Penny Island when we saw these three deer that had been grazing in the grasses out in the open. A momma and her two babies. They saw us and everything was ok for awhile, but then something spooked them and they needed to get back to the main part of Penny Island which is on the left.deer


So they splashed right into the water. You can see the two little guys in the water with mom not far behind.deer2



With all the overcast, I didn’t expect any sunset. But as we crossed the river to the boat ramp, the sun poked though just a bit and this is what it looked like, just before eight PM looking down towards the Pacific ocean.sundown


We hit the boat ramp and headed on home for the day.

Monte Rio Boat ramp

As I was driving though Monte Rio I decided to check to see if the boat ramp was open or closed. I was surprised to find the road blocked at the entrance with metal gates and a guard. Hummmmmmmmmmm. Linda from the parks and recreation said it wouldn’t be closed. So much for that.

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