Wind’s Down So I Paddled At Jenner and Hauled Another Row of Mulch

Tuesday November 2, 2021 Jenner CA.

Paddle day

The weather looked good to go kayaking down at Jenner today so I took off around noon and did just that.

Headed down river

I put my boat in the water and crossed over the river and headed down river along the island’s edge headed for the mouth area by the ocean.river1


I passed by this great white egret fishing along the shoreline.egret2


And by these cormorants sunning themselves.cors3


Lots of birds

I passed by lots of birds on my way to the river’s mouth area.birds4


The male pelicans are getting their mating plumage, white heads and necks.pels5


More brown pelicans I paddled on by. They were resting and doing some preening.bills6


Into the river’s mouth

I paddled into the river’s mouth and looked out into the rough Pacific Ocean.ocean7


River’s end

Then I moved on by the mouth area and down into the river’s end where there was lots of debris floating around on the water.riverend8


I sat here by this great blue heron and watched the harbor seals for a bit.seals9



Then I headed back up the river when I saw something fluttering in the trees just up ahead. They turned out to be wild pigeons eating something in the trees.pigions10


I headed up the island’s back channel and by all these birds resting on the island shores.birds11



With the winds down there were reflections in the water of the skies as I paddled on up the river a bit.river12


Continuing on up the river paddling in the reflections.river13


I didn’t go very far up the river only about a mile and I sat and watched for a bit. These birds were sitting on the shore across from where I was sitting.birds14


After a good break I turned my boat into the current and started my float back down towards Jenner.jenner15


Once back at the boat ramp I got my boat loaded up and drove on home for a nice nap.


Then I was outside again hauling another row of mulch to this garden with the wheelbarrow. Only two more rows to go.mulch16


After that a little chair hopping and the day was over.

Nice day.

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