Wine For the Neighbor, Dirt Bike Ride and Some Trail Work

Sunday May 1, 2022 Guerneville CA.

Wine for the neighbor

Burry showed up around noon. He had some wine he had made that he had promised to a neighbor. The neighbor lived up on the hillside next to us. He had a pack to haul the bottles in so we took off for there from my yard.bikes1



It was a real nice day.sky2


We rode on over to the neighbor’s and dropped the wine off. No one was home but his dogs which barked a lot but didn’t bite.

Our main spring

Barry wanted to drop the pack someplace so he didn’t have to carry it on the bike so we headed to our main spring to stash it and have a drink of water.bikes4


Barry at the spring.spring3


We get a nice fresh drink of spring water before taking off for our ride and we’ll come back for the pack at the end of our ride.water5


Barry is always taking short cuts which are usually a bit steep. We stop here so he can walk down and remove some tree limbs so we can go down it. We had tried to go up it first by got stopped by the trees.woirk6


Sore back

My back was still hurting a bit today so I had told him no moving stuff for me today, you’ll have to do it.

We rode over to another neighbor’s place that no longer lives up here and went by this big flower that I think is a white foxglove, about six feet high.foxglove7


Guerneville area

There was a nice view of the Guerneville area from there. The green field is owned by Korbel Winery and Korbel is near Guerneville. They are especially famous for their champagne. Guerneville is in the trees behind the field.guerneville8


Barry stopped to look at something so I have time to get a picture which I don’t often get a chance to do while riding.road9


Road work

We had to stop to remove this small tree and Barry threw a bunch of small rocks off the road too.tree10


We rode through here.road11


And had to stop here to clean off some more stuff. The wind blew hard the other night.road12


We rode out the main road up in the hills to where it hits another neighbor’s place and then turned around and headed back down the road, moving right along as that’s what dirt bikes do.barry13


Headed to our break area

We headed to our break area at the Top of the World on my cousin’s place. We go there to take a break. Barry was especially tired out from moving most of the trees and stuff off the road while I watched with my sore back.

After a good break we started back, headed to my house but took the long way.

Tired out

This little green tree was blocking the road so Barry stopped to try to remove it but was mostly just too tired out to do much so he left it and we tried to go by it. His bike got stuck on it which he had to kick the little tree to get it off. Lucky for me that broke it enough for me to get by easily.limb14


We were both tired out from the ride so we returned to the spring to get his pack and another drink of water.

Back home Barry loaded up his bike on his truck and took off for home.

I went in for a nap and took it easy for the rest of the day trying to give my back a rest.

Nice day.

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