Christmas Dinner At Barry and MJ’s With Much Good Yummies

Friday December 24, 2021 Guerneville CA.

Christmas dinner day

Today was going over to my brother Barry’s and his wife MJ’s for a Christmas dinner.

So we piled in my brother Tom’s girl friend’s car around two and drove the half hour to their place. My older brother Mike was there as well and friends Larry and Dianne.


There were lots of good snacks and my bother Barry’s home made wine to start with.

Fresh crab and homemade bread

Dinner was fresh caught crab that Barry caught and MJ’s very good  home made bread and lots of real good salad stuff and more home made wine, red and white. His wines are top notch award winners and MJ has the homemade bread mastered. Yummy.

That pretty much stuffed me.,,,,,,,,,,,,But.

Dominic’s Sweets

Yes, we still had dessert to go. Tom’s girl friend Dominic is a pastry chef known as the pie queen around here. She had a mixed berry pie, hummm good. She also had some delicious macaroons of various flavors, more hummm good. I think I had two or three of those and was completely stuffed.

Her street is known for their many lighted decorations and I should of taken my camera with me.

When we left we took Mike home and then went on home ourselves.

Nice day and I’m stuffed. Merry Christmas.

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2 Responses to Christmas Dinner At Barry and MJ’s With Much Good Yummies

  1. Barb in Florida says:

    Sounds delicious! Nice you could all get together.
    Merry Christmas to you, Bob!

  2. Nancy K says:

    A very Merry Christmas Bob!!!

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