Worked on the Van Shelving and Puttered in the Yard Today

Sunday February 21, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Stayed home to get things done

I decided it would be a good day to stay home and work on some van projects. At first, it wasn’t warm enough to get started so I took it easy puttering in the yard until the day warmed up a bit. That happens with the sun come over the hill to my east.

The plum trees are blooming nicely right now.plumtrees


Dutchmen’s pipes

I have some native Californian flowers called California Dutchman’s pipes that I noticed were blooming also. They bloom first, then get their big green leaves.pipes


Potato patch

My potato plants are coming up nicely from last years potatoes.potato


Working on the old van

Eventually it warmed up enough and I started working on the van. Most of what I needed to do isn’t easily seen. I’m relocating some shelves to the sides of the van and need to make some more of them.  I took out a big shelve at the back in the middle that had my water jogs and a big food storage box on it, but it made it tight for my feet when sleeping as that’s the end of my bed area there also. So I’m working on the side shelves to hold my food stuffs, mostly canned goods and the like.

So now I have lots of room for the feet.van


I got a lot done on it, but didn’t finish as it’s a slow process fitting the wood parts for shelving in that area as nothing is square.

I worked on that until the day started to cool down and that was it for me today.

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