Working On Welding Up the New Shed Foundation and Then Worked On the Old Quad Runner a Bit

Monday March 20, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Welding up the new shed foundation frame

Since it was dry today, I worked on getting this foundation frame welded up which took most of the day.

I needed something to hook a chain onto it to move it around, so I added the two little square metal pieces on each corner.welding


Now I need to figure out what I have around here in scrap metal to make some wall corners. I have some ideas on that but haven’t made up my mind on  what to use just yet.

Quad runner won’t shut down problem

I got the old quad runner out and tried to figure out why it won’t shut off when I turn the key off or the off switch to the off position. I studied the schematic and checked a few things but didn’t get this problem solved. I suspect it’s something wrong in the electronics. If so, I just might have to live with it and use the choke to shut it off.

I put it all back together and then cut a bar to weld to the front of the rock rack so rocks don’t fall out the front of the rack when traveling. That should be an improvement.racl


Nice day.

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