New Quad Battery and Working On Getting It Going

Sunday March 19, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Drizzly day

it was drizzling today, so there would be no welding on the shed frame.frame


New battery

But the new battery came in for the old quad runner yesterday, so I needed to get it installed. I knew it wasn’t exactly the one I needed but thought I could  make it work. This battery was a bit shorter than the one that I needed so I cut that little wooden block to make it a bit taller so I could use the fastener to  hold the battery in place.battery


The little wooden block worked just fine.spacer


Test ride

With the new battery installed I took it for a ride around the yard to see how it worked. I found the brakes needed some work as they were sticking because all the brake levers needed freeing up and lubed a bit.

Won’t shut off

When I went to shut the quad off, it wouldn’t shut down with the key or the kill switch. I studied the electrical diagram but couldn’t determine why it was doing that. I used the choke to kill it and that will have to work for now until I figure that one out.

Checking  the drive chain and brakes

I also wanted to check out the chain drive for adjustment and it needed to be lubed up too, so the tires came off to get to the chain and all the brake


The drive chain is under that rusty thing there which needed to come off to get to the chain. The chain was good but needed some lube on it so I took care of that. Some black paint would have been good on the chain guard, but I’m out of that for now. The brakes were on the other side so I worked on the brakes and oiled up all the lever pivot spots until the brakes started to work better. I got them to work pretty good, but using them some should improve them even more.cahin


The drizzle mostly let up in late afternoon, so I took the rig for a ride up in the hills to load some rocks for some stream crossings. I’ll need a lot more rock to improve these crossings.

Rocking road crossings

I put one load here and found I need another bar across the front of the rack as I lost some rocks when I put the brakes on coming down the roads on


This is the other crossing where I put a load of rocks which also needs lots more rocks.water


The test ride was successful, so I went on home for a nap.

Nice day.

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  1. David says:

    Long time “fly on the wall” of your blog. I’ve still got 10 years to go till retirement, but when I do I hope I can be at least as halfway entertaining to someone as your are to me. Thanks for sharing your daily adventures.

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