Raining So I’m Doing Some Planning For My New Shed

Tuesday March 21, 2023 Guerneville CA.

Rainy day

Yes, that’s the kind of day it was. It rained most of the day and let up a bit in the afternoon, then showers for the rest of the day.

It was pouring down rain when I went out to feed the chickens. I fed them under a roof so they wouldn’t get too wet, although, they don’t seem to mind the rain if it isn’t too hard.

In the house

Since it was that kind of day, I spent  most of it designing  the rest of my new moveable shed. It needs a roof and some sides. I needed to figure out the plan so I can go get the supplies to get it done. I’m using metal roofing for the roof and the sides which my brother picked up yesterday in Galt, CA.when he picked up his seed potatoes for his garden. He plants a lot of potatoes and is known as the potato guy at the farmer’s markets. He had a pallet of seed potatoes in his truck. My metal roofing is still on his truck as it’s no fun to unload stuff like that in the rain.


I now have the plans so I can get the lumber I need for the job, which I will have to do soon.

I don’t mind the rain as this is our rainy season and we haven’t had rains like this since the olden days, like the fifties and sixties, when I was a kid.

Nice day.

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2 Responses to Raining So I’m Doing Some Planning For My New Shed

  1. Pat says:

    If you haven’t bought lumber in a while, make sure to bring an extra bag of gold to cover it :(

    My garden tractors all use a kill switch tied into the magneto, it just shorts out the points I believe. All the safety interlocks (pto, clutch, seat) tie into the same circuit. The ignition switch seems to be the weakest point, I’ve had to replace them a couple of times as they fail to shut things down. Of course, with the seat interlock all I have to do is stand up and that takes care of it!

    • Bob says:

      Hi Pat,
      Well, the lumber wasn’t too bad so it must have come down a bit. And thanks for the idea on a way to shut the quad runner down. I think I can just install a switch on one of the magneto wires and that should do the job without too much trouble.
      Thanks again,

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