A Bit of Rain, Kayaking Jenner Today

Sunday September 29, 2013 Jenner, CA.

The Russian River’s mouth is still closed

It was just starting to rain lightly at my house when I got up this morning. I decided to go on down to Jenner to kayak and I’d take my rain pants too, just in case.

As I approached Jenner there was a high fog, but no rain yet. I went on down to the highway one overlook to get a picture of the Russian River’s mouth closed.

The Russian River’s mouth is closed and it doesn’t look like taking the lower river dams out is going to open it. Looking at the closed river mouth and out to the Pacific ocean.mouthclosed


A close up, still looks about the same as yesterday.mouth


Kayaking Jenner

I went back to Jenner and put my boat in the water. No wind and it was real flat today. I paddled across to Penny Island and went though the little channel on the east end and headed on up the river toward Eagle’s landing.

On the way, I had to pass by these cormorants, resting on an old redwood log. Can you see the two seals in the picture. They pose as part of the logs, so they are sometimes hard to spot.cormorants


Two fat, lazy harbor seals, resting on submerged redwood logs.seals


This one had an interesting two tone type fur cut, giving me the eye as I passed.seal2


And this one, talk about fat and lazy looking.seal


One of the cormorants drying it’s wings, just in case it might have to fly away from me. They all stayed, even though I was fairly close to them.cormorant


It’s always nice at Eagle’s Landing

I continued working my way up the river, stopping at Otter’s log for a bit and then continuing on to the Eagle’s landing area, which is pictured below.eagleslanding


The water was so flat and there wasn’t any wind so it was easy to just sit around and take it easy, which I did for an hour or so, before heading on back down the river, down the back side of Penny Island.

Going down the backside of Penny Island, it started to drizzle lightly, so I put in on the west end of the island and put on my rain pants, which I had thoughtfully brought with me. I already ware a rain jacket as a wind breaker, so now I was set,  go ahead and rain, which it did, but not too hard.

The is a picture of what it looked like as I was coming out of the back channel of Penny Island looking down towards the river’s mouth area. Foggy with light rain drizzle.view


Even with the light rain, there still wasn’t any wind, so I was able to head on down to the river’s mouth enjoying myself and taking it easy. I entered the spot where the river’s mouth usually goes to the ocean. The ocean was real rough, which could be heard and seen.

This is a picture of the closed river mouth, with the Pacific ocean breaking over the rocks. Much rougher than yesterday. mouthocean


I stayed down there for about a half hour, getting pelted lightly with rain and then headed on back to the boat take out and went on home where I got my wood stove fired up and warmed up the house while I kept the couch from getting away.

Kayaking in the rain can be enjoyable as long as you dress for it and I did, so I had a nice day.

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