A Bit Slow Today, Some Shopping and Checking On the Water Springs

Friday December 19, 2014 Guerneville CA.

I wasn’t feeling too hot last night and this morning when I woke up, my head was a bit stuffed up and I wasn’t feeling up to par. I could hear it raining which I thought it was going to do all throughout the day.

But as I got up, the rain stopped and it looked like it was going to be a nice day. However, I still didn’t feel like doing much so I sat around the house.

Around two PM, I was thinking I felt well enough to go to town and get some groceries. About that time my phone rings and it is my brother Tom saying he’s at the water tanks and they only have three feet of water in them.

Ok, just turn the right side springs into the tank, using the valves above the tanks. I had the right side springs just dumping on the ground to let them clean out from the storms and now was a good time to put them into the tanks. I’ll have to check on that later.

Checking out the water springs

I went to town and got some things to eat, then came home and jumped on my quad runner to go up in the hills and see what the water springs were doing after all the rain storms we’ve had.

I rode up this road through the forest.forestroad


This is the place the right springs come from. They looked like they were all working well with lots of water from the rains. I disconnect one se of springs here that I thought might be on the muddy side during rains and continued on up to the main spring area.spring


Some trees on the road

Of course there was some trees blocking the road in several places, but I was able to detour around most of them.

This tree is across the road and blocking it.tree


Main spring area

I arrived at the main spring area and checked it out. I had to walk up a little gully to get to it.

I’ve not put most of this water into the tanks as it can run a bit muddy during big storms, so I let it flow freely down the gully. Things looked alright here.water


I continued up the hill from that spot to our main spring which is in these big ferns.mainspring


The main spring flow was a bit on the weak side.

I went back down the hill to our water tanks to check the flow of water down the hill through the pipelines that feed the water tanks.

I had to walk up this gully to get to the water valves to check the water flow coming down the pipes.gully


Sure enough the left side which is the main spring was weak and not dumping much water into the tanks. But the right side was running full bore, so with both of them running into our tanks we should have plenty of water.

I thought I better go over and check out our temporary water crossing at the creek that washed out during the last big rain storm.

Things looked good here, no leaks.creekcrossing


The water situation seems to be under control, so I went on home and hit the couch.

Early to bed tonight.

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