A Light Rain Today Kept Me in the House

Tuesday November 19, 2013 Guerneville, CA.

When I woke this morning, it was raining lightly which I expected as the weatherman said it was going to rain. He was right this time.

I could of going out and done some shopping, but since this is our first rain, I didn’t want to deal with the crazies that don’t know enough to slow down for weather, while driving.

I paid some bills. My big bills all seem to come due this time of year. Property tax, fire taxes, and insurance bills, so now I’m all paid up, but my bank account is hurting.

I also did a bunch of research on getting a new exhaust manifold for my van. That’s not so easy as they aren’t making them anymore. I have a couple of inquires out that I’m waiting for replies on, so I hope to find something, but so far, no luck.

I was going to do some vacuuming, but I never did get to that.

Baked some cinnamon rolls, Yummmmm

I did bake some cinnamon yeast rolls that turned out pretty good. I’m not so sure my wheat flour is corn free so I also did some research on finding some that was. I have a couple options, but boy it is going to be expensive. I need to dig some more on that one. I’m also looking at using what they call spelt flour. 88 bucks for a fifty pound bag and thirty something bucks to ship it too. I’m still thinking on that one.

I’ve been mostly sitting around all day, doing mostly nothing. How come I can feel guilty about that, but it’s ok to go kayaking and sit around all day without feeling guilty? Hummmmmmmmm.

I had a nice day, just the same.

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