A Day at the Cabin in Boonville, CA.

Thursday, August 29 2013 Booneville, CA.

We had projects to do

Wednesday I went to my Dentist in the afternoon and then headed on out for Boonville. A friend has a cabin he built just outside of Boonville in the boonies,………… of course. It takes me a couple hours to drive up there from here, leaving the pavement and driving a dirt road, though a locked gate and down to the cabin which is located in a redwood forest.

I didn’t do much Wednesday, as I arrived around dinner time, so it was just rest up, enjoy the evening and get a little dinner in us.

The next day, Thursday, we sat around in the morning, while I drank coffee and contemplated what we had to do for the day.

Marty’s job was to get the cover for the fridge job done, which he had started before I got there.

I helped him get the wooden box he had constructed carried over to the fridge and installed around it. I left him working on that.

My job was to take three hundred feet of plastic pipe up the hill behind the cabin and hook it to another pipe I had installed at a little spring last year.

Here is a picture just after we put the box around the fridge.fredgecover


While he was working on the fridge cover box, I pulled the three hundred feet of tubing up the hill and made the connection to the spring pipe. Not really much to take pictures of, but here is the hose connection I made up on the hillside.



I then hooked the new pipe to a 55 gallon plastic barrel we use for a water tank. It’s a lush forest with lots of big giant green ferns in it too.watertank


It wasn’t a big job, but it was an important job that needed to be done to ensure a continuous supply of water to the cabin and bath house.

I was rewarded with a big steak for dinner that night.

My dinner for Thursday night, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.dinner


Getting up Friday morning, we took it easy sitting around for awhile and I left for home around noon.

Thought you might like to see the cabin he built. It’s nice and cozy and has a bath house with a flush  toilet and hot shower installed, which is off to the right, out of sight.cabin

I’m home and resting up for now, thinking about going out and checking out the lumens tonight.

Nice time at the cabin.

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