Headed Up to Boonville to Camp for a Few Days

Wednesday August 28 2013, Guerneville, CA.

Lumens cycle coming up too

This morning I got up and am loading my car with things I need to camp near Boonville for a few days. Sleeping stuff and personal stuff. Also made a trip to my brothers big garden and stole some tomatoes and leaved vegetables, Yum. A few apples off my trees and I should be set to go.

I’d already be leaving, but I have an afternoon dentist appointment to get my crown prep done, so I’ll be leaving after that, which is on the way.

I plan to be back on Friday, which just happens to be the start of a good bio luminous or lumens cycle, also known as photo phosphorous plankton. The stuff is there in the river every night, but this cycle is mostly moonless and the high tides are right around dark, so it’s a good time to view them without staying up all night. This is also the time of year when the plankton population is at it’s peak, so it should be real good.

A couple more things to load in the car, a nap and something to eat and I should be off.

No internet up there, so it will likely be Friday or Saturday before I blog again.

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