A Day Checking On and Doing Repairs and the Little Peeps

Saturday May 11, 2019 Guerneville CA.

Checking it out

Yesterday my brother informed me the water line into our water tanks had fallen down and needed some repairs so I hopped on the dirt bike this morning to go have a look.

Here I am at our water tanks. They are fed from some springs coming out of the hillside up the hill a bit.tanks


A few winters back a tree knocked this water line down that feeds water into the water tanks. At that time we propped it up  using some tree branches and I think we had to do it once more during another storm.

Doing it right

So this time we needed to do it right, once and for all.

Here’s the down water line where it crossed the road. It’s hard to drive under it this way so needs put back up. At least it’s all still working letting water into the tanks so nothings pressing to get it done.pipe


I had a look and figured out what we’d need to put the line back up in the air and rode on home. That project can wait a bit.

Car repairs

Next I needed to replace one of the rear axles in my Subaru.

Here’s the work area.workarea


Here’s the old noisy axle that needs to be replaced.axle


Hammering pins

The hardest part is punching the pins out of each side. The pin is under that dirt spot. It was a bit of work but I was able to get the two pins out, one on each end.pin


Read the manual it helps

I got the pins out but then I couldn’t retract the axle enough to remove it. I thought I might have to remove the brake drum part to get it off but first I went in and looked it up in the service manual which said just remove the bottom bolt on the shock and drop it a bit and the axle should come out. I did that and sure enough the axle came off. Saved a bit of work reading the manual.

Finishing up

The new axle is in and I need to hook the shock back up and put the wheel back on and I’m finished with that.axleon


I think it’s ok but didn’t get around to giving it a test yet.

Fixing the band saw

After a break I installed the new on/off switch in this power band saw which went pretty easy. I pulled the trigger and it ran but I didn’t give it a real test yet but it should work. I plan to use it heavily soon so it will get a good test.bandsaw


Taking it easy

After that I went into putter mode and chair hopped around the yard for a bit.

Here’s my three little peeps. I’m not sure what they will turn out to be.peeps


Feed tray is working out good

Here they are with momma feeding. the feed tray is working out pretty good and keeping the food in the box and not on the ground where the rats can get it. I cover the box up with a board at night which you can see b y the tray on the right side.feeding


The failed bulk head project

Late in the day and almost evening I did some more digging on repairing the failed bulk head. I have to dig all the dirt out from the back and remove all the  cement blocks. I worked on that for a couple hours which pretty much wore me out.

Tomorrow I’m going to try and get some meat bird chicks as they are supposed to have gotten some more in. My plan is to try to get the momma hen to take care of the new chicks along with her other three. If it works out it works out otherwise I’ll do something else.

That was it for me today. A nice day and productive too.

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  1. George Yates says:

    The water line is still working so that is a good thing. Nice job on the new axle. Good luck with the meat bird chicks.

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