A Foggy Paddle Up the River to the Great Blue Heron Rookery Tree and Back Down to Jenner

Sunday January 18, 2015 Jenner CA.

I was thinking of going to Monte Rio today and going on up the river and back, but my back was giving me bad signals this morning. I put on the cold pack and took some meds and was off to Jenner where the unloading and loading of my boat would be easier on my back as there is no mud to deal with at the boat ramp right now.

It was overcast with some fog as I arrived and put my boat in the water. I saw John’s truck in the parking lot and thought I saw his boat up the river as I was driving down today.

I had already decided to go on up the river today, so I headed up that way thinking I might run into him, but I didn’t.

This is what things looked like today as I started out from the Jenner area going up the river.  At least the wind was down and it wasn’t raining.russianriver


I went by these turkey vultures resting on this pile of sticks in a field.vultures


I was going a bit faster today than my usual slow pace as I planned to go up the river a ways and if I went too slow, I wouldn’t make it up that far.

Here I’m headed on up to go under the bridge on highway one.bridge


I passed by this duck that was diving near me just above the bridge.duck


I made it up to seal haven and didn’t see any seals there at first, but looking harder I spotted this one.They lay on redwood logs submerged in the water and tend to look just like a log until one looks close enough for them.seal



I paddled on up the river, past Markham hole and on up to these cypress trees where I pulled in under the trees to take a break for a bit before continuing on.river


I was headed on up the river as far as you can see in this picture to the osprey nest area and the great blue heron rookery tree. This area is rather scenic.river2


I made it up to the nesting areas, but it’s too early for anything to be nesting yet, so no one was home. I hung out there for a while then turned and headed back down the river.

I was hunting for a place called Fern Camp near this area. There is only one spot to take a boat out in this area and that was it, but I had a hard time finding the spot in the trees. I had to double back a couple times and finally found the spot, but didn’t put in there as the water was too high to get out of the boat easily.

I rested in this spot for a bit looking down the river.river3


This was my view across the river from the above spot of an old ranch in the area.ranch


This duck was diving in front of me as I rested by the shoreline. Mostly ducks out today.goldeneye


I’m headed down the river in this shot, just above the highway one bridge. The fog seemed to be coming down some or maybe it was looking like it might rain.fog


These two geese honked at me as I went on by them.geese


As I neared the town of Jenner, I was thinking I might go down to check out the river’s mouth, but I was a bit tired out and it seemed like it might start to rain shortly, so I pulled into the boat ramp and took my boat out of the water for the day.jenner

Just as I put my boat on my car, it started to sprinkle lightly, so my timing was good. Home I went for a much needed nap and that was it for the day.

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