A Jenner Yak, an Island Walk and Some Van Maintenance

Monday June 26, 2017 Jenner CA.

Nice day for a yak

I headed down to Jenner this morning for a yak. There was a bit of wind, but not bad and the sun was out as I put my boat in the water and paddled across the river to Penny island where I sat here for a bit deciding which way to go today. It was high tide so the river was up a bit. I was also wondering if the mouth had closed from looking at the water level so I decided to head on down towards the mouth to have a look.river


I passed by these birds on the way down, some cormorants and some geese and I think a pair of merganser ducks.birds


I pulled in here across from the harbor seals resting on the sandy beach.sat


The river’s mouth is still open

Looking down to the right, I could see the whiter water from the ocean breaking into the open mouth so the mouth was open.mouth


I watched the harbor seals, but not a lot of action from anything today.seals


Looking for berries on the island

After a bit I paddled up the backside of Penny Island and pulled my boat into the upper end here.boat


I went for a little walk on the island.trees


Looking for blackberries. I found a few, but it’s still too early for them to be out in numbers yet. Yes, I ate the red ones too.berries


Crossing over using the little channel

After eating a few berries,  I got back in my boat and paddled into this little channel on the upper end of the island. I wasn’t sure it was deep enough to get through to the other side, but it was, just barely.water


I came out the other side of that little channel and sat for a bit here.island


I paddled back down along the island’s side here and sat for a bit before heading on over to the boat ramp.edge


I put the boat on the car and went on home for the day.

Things to do in the yard


After a bit of a break and a nap I went out in the yard to putter a bit.

I sprayed a coat of silicone on  my rain pants and will put another coat or two on them to help keep the water out. I’ve had the silicone for quite some time and am just finally getting around to dong the sealing.pants


And my stove top in the van needed some new paint on it’s top, so I got it out and painted it with a  couple coats. Another coat tomorrow should do it.stove


Doing maintenance on the van’s batteries

I checked the van’s battery’s voltages to make sure they were charging properly and they were. I have  two batteries in the van, one for the engine and one of accessories.

I also checked the van’s two batteries for water and I cleaned off the tops with baking soda and water and put the charger on one of them just to top it off. I’ll move the charger to the other one tomorrow.

I didn’t fair well with the van’s winch

I checked the van’s winch to see if it still would work after not being used for so many years. It didn’t work. One of the solenoids wasn’t clicking meaning it wasn’t working, so I may take it apart to see if I can repair it, or I may not as I don’t really need that winch, or hope I don’t. :O)

The engine checks out ok

I also checked the engine’s oil and water and topped them up and checked over the engine for any leaks but didn’t find anything so that is good to go.

That wraps up another day.

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  1. Patsy Irene says:

    Nice day for kayaking, nice to see the open water.
    I’ve never heard of spraying silicone on rain pants before! Learn something every day!

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