Drizzling, Damn Deer, Shopping, Pickling and Paying the Bills

Wednesday November 8, 2017 Guerneville CA.

Drizzle drizzle

Drizzle is what it was doing today as I got it going, so what to do.

Damn Deer

I looked out the back window and there’s some deer laying on the ground resting. That pisses me off as there aren’t supposed to be any deer in the yard if my brother would just shut the gates when he goes through them. Damn. Anyway I wasn’t in any mood to chase them around the yard so I reached for some small firecrackers I had on hand and lit them off. Not much of a noise but enough to cause them to scoot. I’m not sure were they went, but hopefully out of the yard. I really need some cherry bombs for this task as the little crackers aren’t very loud, but so far I haven’t found any cherry bombs. I hear they are against the law these days.

Off to the store

Eventually I went down to the local grocery store and did a bit of shopping.

Back home I put the stuff away and went outside to see if I could do any work on anything, but it was a cold drizzle so I didn’t stay out there long.

Pickling radishes

At the store I bought some extra red radishes today thinking I might try pickling them, so I cut the ends off to get them ready. I realized I  had too many for the jar I was using to pickle them in.

And making sauerkraut

So I thought I’ll just make some sauerkraut too and put some of the radishes in that mixture and see what happens. I looked in the fridge to see how much cabbage I had. Not much so I went over to my brother’s garden and found a slightly deformed head that would do the job. Since he sells his produce I try to use the ones that aren’t quite good enough to sell.

Back in the kitchen I made the sauerkraut with  the radishes and I made up a brine for the radishes by themselves which is just salt and water. I use a plastic baggy full of water to seal the top to keep the air out and it works pretty well.

Paying bills

I had a pile of bills to pay cluttering up my desk, so I tackled most of them. I worked on transferring a couple of them to my Bill Pay at my Credit Union so next time I can pay them easier. I think eventually I’ll have all my bills On Bill Pay, not too many to go.

The drizzle picked up in the afternoon turning to a nice rain and it’s still raining now just before dark so not much chance I’m going out there to do anything today.

That was my day.

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