A Paddle, a Walk on Penny Island and Working on My Wireless Router Setup

Monday September 8, 2014 Jenner CA.

As I put my boat in the water at Jenner today, I could see Ray and his daughter and a friend waiting just up the river, so I paddled across and joined them headed on up the river.

The girls went ahead and were shooting the bull so Ray and I lagged behind and were also shooting the bull as we paddled along.upriver


Maybe more musk rat nests

We paddled up to the musk rat nest area. While sitting there, we noticed there may be some more musk rat nests at this spot, as there looks like there may be several more nests just in back of the first one we know about. We’ll have to go ashore here sometime and take a closer look.

The wind seemed to be coming up a bit as we rested there for a bit, before turning and heading back down the river.

Penny Island walk

The girls wanted to go for a walk on Penny Island so we  landed here on the east end of the island.kayaks


We walked through the eucalyptus trees and by the old milk barn, up ahead, me following.island


I don’t recommend walking around the island in shorts, but they seemed to do ok with it.

Here we are walking down one of the trails headed over to check out an interesting bush.trail


The Mattress Vine

There is this bush or vine growing near the old home site.

I’ve wondered what it’s called. John the trash picker upper guy checked with his neighbor who knew what it was. It’s called a mattress vine or wire vine. It has real strong vines, might be good for making baskets or rope or snares, or a lot of other things. The bush piles up and is springy like a mattress. I think it would make a real good mattress. The plant sometimes has a sweet smell and right now has little yellow flowers on it. I read where it has little berries one can eat, but I’ve never seen them, yet.

This is a close up of the vines. It’s sorta bushy, but can climb other trees very high.matressbush


Even though the others were all in shorts, they were game to check out one of the trails.

Here they are pushing their way down the trail.trail2


The web and the huge spider

Ray was leading and remarking how strong the cob webs were across the trail and cleared one enough to duck under it. When he cleared it and came up on the other side, he exclaimed.

Wow, look at that spider, I didn’t see it, until nowrayspider


It was a big one alright, I think a big orb spider.orbspider


We all crossed under it and I took this last photo of the big guy.spicer2


We went a little further before the trail got too full of berry vines to pass without getting full of them and we turned around. One of the girls reminded me to watch out for that spider, good thing as I had forgotten about it. As it turned out, that spider had had enough of us and left it’s web and was hiding someplace in the bush.

The wind was up pretty good by now, so they decided to go in for the day and I continued on down the back channel of Penny island, headed for the river’s mouth area.

Russian River mouth area

This was my view of the river’s mouth as I pulled in to the left, just ahead and sat in my boat for a spell. The tide was going out, so I had to watch it, as the current can suck you in, if one isn’t paying attention.



I sat here in this spot, looking out into the Pacific ocean with seals and  birds across from me on the sandy beach.mouth


Harbor seals and brown pelicans and seagulls across the river from my sitting spot.seals


It was windy, but not too windy as I headed on back in for the day. There was an osprey sitting on a stick on the west end of Penny Island as I passed. The wind is blowing it around a bit.osprey


Setting up the wireless stuff for outside cameras

I went on home for the day, where I had some projects in mind, after a nap and a cup of coffee.

I needed to run networking cables up in my attic, to put my router for wireless up under the house eves so I can connect to my wireless cameras, I want to put out to monitor my watering area, I just put in. I also needed to run an extension cord up there to power it. I got most  of that hooked up, but just remembered I forgot to put some screws back in the roof.

Rounding up the gear

Then I tried to find all the stuff for one of my wireless cameras that I’ve had for some years. I couldn’t find the power supply for it, until I remembered I put it in  a pack in my van so I could use it on the road, but never have yet.

Anyway, I found what I needed and now I have to get it all working, as time permits. I’m hoping things hook up better with Win8, then they did with the older software I used a long time ago. I basically have to get the wireless router going and then get it to find the wireless camera, update the camera’s firmware as it’s really out of date. Then relearn how to use the monitoring software and I should be good to go. All I’ll need is some subjects to view and I hope that is where the tempting water comes in.

Once I get that old camera going and everything is working good, I plan to put my new video camera out there as it has wireless capability and will take a much better picture then the older camera.

I’m working on all this so I can eventually put all this stuff in my van and set the video camera out somewhere, like a desert watering hole and monitor it all from my cozy van to get some good pictures of wild life.

Another nice day.

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