A Paddle and a Walk Up to the Old Indian Ladies Face Rock

Friday September 19, 2914 Jenner CA.

I could see Ray was putting his boat in the water as I approached Jenner this morning. There was some fog and it was a bit overcast, but the wind was down which is always nice.

We paddled across the river to Penny Island and went through the little channel on the east end of the island.The river’s mouth is closed so the water level is high enough to let us get through this channel to the other side, which leads into the channel down the back side of Penny Island.

Here is the little channel we went through on the east end of Penny Island.channel


We did our usual thing and paddled on up the south side of the river at a leisurely pace.upriver


Ray decided he wanted to take a walk up to the old Indian ladies face rock trail, so I said ok, but let’s go up to musk rat nest first, which we did.

Here we are at musk rat nest taking it easy.ratnest


Old Indian Ladies Face Rock

We plan to go up to that big rock up on top of the ridge on a trail that starts right below it on the river.indianrock


Here we are pulling into shore at the trail head.shore


Ray’s long pants and the poison oak

You might have noticed Ray has his long pants on today. Apparently, the poison oak got him in the legs the other day, so he has a new respect for the stuff. The other day, we were in the stuff up to our ears, so it didn’t surprise  me that he got a bit of it. I did too, but not too bad. There was a lot of poison oak on this trail too and Ray was being real cautious today, although, there is no way one can avoid it all, walking around in this area.

The trail up the hill goes right through this area.trail2


Here is Ray, coming up the trail behind me. There were a lot of pepperwood leaves on the trail that made it real slippery on the steep parts.ray3


I was ahead of Ray as I approached the rock.rock


Ray wasn’t far behind me, just below the big rock.ray


The view off the top of the rock looking down the river. Paddy’s rock in the river near the right side.rockview


Looking for the old road

We rested up on the top of the rock for awhile studying the landscape and looking for the old road we spotted going up this way from musk rat nest beach. We saw some things that might be what’s left of the old road and so eventually we headed on over to that area to check it out.

Ray is headed to the other side of the big trees where we looked for what might be left of the old road.  We did find some things that might be a road, but not sure if it was part of the road we were looking for, so more exploring is in order on that one. I think we’ll have to check it out from the bottom.looking


We worked our way down the hill checking out this and that on the way down. Near the bottom, where the pepperwood leaves were the slipperiest, we detoured around most of them. I made it ok, but Ray had a bit of a slip out, but was ok, just landed on his butt in the dirt.

We got back in our boats and headed on down the river. Ray said he’d had enough for the day, so headed on in.

We passed these mallard ducks feeding along the way. They haven’t been around for awhile and just returned from somewhere else.mallards


I left Ray as he headed for the boat ramp and went over to the side of Penny Island to get a picture of the closed river’s mouth.

The closed mouth is where all the little white birds are. Looks to me like the sand got piled up even higher than it was yesterday.rivermoutclosed


I headed on in for the day and headed on home. A nap was in order and I just puttered around the yard, chair hopping the rest of the day.

Working on setting up cam outside

Tonight I worked on getting my cam put outside in the dark. I need to fine tune the motion sensor to detect movement of critters . So far, I’ve seen a fox come through, but the motion detector wasn’t setup properly to get a picture of it, yet. It’s needs some fine tuning, which I will work on. I’ll be leaving this cam on all night to try and get some critters pictures of what is moving around in my yard at night.

That’s it for another fine day.

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