Paddled Up to the Musk Rat Nests with Marty and Worked On His Computer

Sunday September 21, 2014 Jenner CA.

My friend Marty came by this morning with his computer. Mostly he needs windows 8.1 downloaded and installed, which he has been having trouble getting accomplished.

We started the download and left for Jenner to kayak for the day, hoping the download would be complete when we got back. It’s a rather large download, so takes a bit of time.

We arrived at Jenner to a nice day. Overcast a bit with a breeze. The water level of the estuary is up as the river’s mouth is still closed.

We put our boats in the water and paddled them across the river to the island. Marty said he didn’t bring a hat and sure could use one. I went back to the car and  got a spare one and returned and we went on up to the little channel on the east end of the island and sat for a bit, shooting the bull, mostly.

We crossed through the channel and headed for the south shore of the river and started paddling up that way, at a slow pace.

Some merganser ducks watched as we passed by.mergansers


A seagull was resting on a log.seagull


And a couple of male mallard ducks were feeding along the shoreline.mallards


We stopped here and there along the way as we headed up the river. Just below Paddy’s rock, some geese where taking it easy with the bovine.geese


Eventually, we made it up to the musk rat nest area and went ashore at this spot, looking down the river.kayaks


And our view looking up the river from that spot.upriver


Here I’m leading Marty through a trail to check out some of the musk rat nests.trail


Can you see the musk rat nest in this picture, about in the middle, made out of sticks, in a pile? They blend in very good and are hard to see.ratnest


Here is another musk rat nest, just a big pile of sticks. This one is about six feet high.muskratnest


We didn’t go far, but that little walk tired us out, so we sat down in the grass, about where Marty is. We are just getting up and getting the bones to move again, about to leave.sat


We headed back down the river and saw this great blue heron fly into this big fir tree, high above us.blueheron


A cormorant and some merganser ducks on a log with the town of Jenner in the back ground.jenner


We saw this great blue heron near the little channel we were headed for. Note the crook in it’s neck. I’m not sure, but I think it may have some kind of problem going on with that, as they are usually straight. It seems to be doing ok though and flew off as we entered the channel by the island.heron


Just entering the channel in this picture where we sat for a bit before going in for the


We checked how the compute was doing when we got back and it hadn’t downloaded Windows 8.1 as we had hoped it would. Seems it was already in the middle of another windows update which it had to finish and it needed a restart.

Marty left his computer here and it’s still downloading, so maybe by morning it will have done it’s thing.

Another day gone.

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