A Rainy Day So I Worked on the Car and Cooked Some Rolls

Monday December 15, 2014 Guerneville CA.

It was raining lightly when I got up this morning and the weather guy said it was going to rain all day and then some. That meant I might as well stay home and do some work today.

Replaced the car’s alternator

My car needed an alternator installed as the old one was failing.

Dead alternator tip

My car’s alternator stopped charging on my car, so I tapped it with a hammer and it would work for a week or so, then it stopped again, so I hit it again and it would last for awhile. This usually indicates the field brush is not making good contact. The hammer hits cause it to seat for a while before it happens again. This little tip can sometimes get things working and get one on the way again when things are looking bad.

I had ordered a new alternator and was looking for a good time to install it, such as today.

Just enjoying the rain

With it raining, I was slow to get going this morning as I like to just sit and enjoy the fact it is raining. It’s sorta a good excuse not to get moving too fast for a change. :O)

So, around one PM, I got the tools out and replaced the alternator, which isn’t a very hard job.

I tested the car and all was good so it was time for a break.

Steve comes and I get back to work

Steve came by to do some work on my brothers truck under my carport, so I decided to try to find out why my heater blower fan wasn’t working. I’ve had this problem for a couple mouths now and have already replaced a defective relay to the blower motor.

But, , the wire that powers the relay when the key is turned on, doesn’t have any power. That wouldn’t usually be that hard to fix, but I don’t have the right repair manual with the right wiring diagram with the right color of the wires. The wire I need to follow goes into a big mess of wires under the dash and goes where I know not. The color wire I was following should be at the fuse block, but it is not, so I’m stuck.

I worked on that for an hour or so and learned some things. And now, since I’ve checked what I can and still can’t fix it, it’s time to run a new wire from some other wire from the key, so it will work. A jumper. I checked and found a possible wire to hook into that looks like it will work.

Well, I had enough working under the dash for one day, so I closed the car up and went in for the rest of the day. I’ll take care of that the next day it rains, which might be soon.

Making rolls

I made some bread dough last night, so I had some pull apart rolls rising and finally got them cooked. Hummmmmmmmmm good.rolls

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