A Ride in the Forest, Fueling the Dozer, Checking Springs and Mowing Weeds

Sunday June 4, 2017 Guerneville CA.

A ride up the hill

Today I was going for a ride on my quad runner. I wanted to put some fuel in the dozer and grease it up, so I loaded what I needed on the quad.

I rode about a mile up the hill taking this road to get to where the dozer was parked.roadup


I found the dozer right where I left it and added the fuel and greased it up. I was thinking of using it a little but when I checked the transmission oil I found it low, so I need to get some.fuelup


Big log slide

I rode on up the hill to check on this big log slide that happened last winter during a big rain storm.slide


It looks worse than it is. I just need to push some of the big logs out of the way and the road will be open again. The dirt is drying up nicely so it won’t be muddy when I get around to repairing this.

Checking the springs water flow

On the way back home I stopped at our water tanks to check the springs water flow.tanks


I had to walk up through the ferns on the right to get to the main control valves.ravine


I had the right spring feed open all winter to let any muddy water go through and not get into the tanks.  I have spring pipes coming in from the top and another spring comes in from the right,  which is the one that has been spilling out all winter.

Good to have ripping springs

I turned this valve off and opened another one so this water is also added to the springs water supply to the tanks. The springs are ripping right now because of all the good winter rains we had.valves


Once I had the valves set the right way I went back down through the ferns back to the water tanks.ferns


My quad was waiting, so I jumped on and rode on home.quad


Driving down through this road, scooting along.road


Shovel extraction

I did remember to stop to see if I could extract the shovel I lost in the creek last winter.

It was buried fairly well and I couldn’t just pull it out, no way.handle


So,  I picked up an even older type shovel, a stick and dug it out. Here’s both shovels once I dug the newer one out. A bit rusty, but still good enough to use.shovels


A bit of weed mowing too

After a good nap and waiting for the sun to get low in the sky, I gassed the mower I’ve been using and mowed some of the smaller weeds in the yard, after which I just sat around in chairs and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Nice day.

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3 Responses to A Ride in the Forest, Fueling the Dozer, Checking Springs and Mowing Weeds

  1. Carson Riley says:

    Woohoo! You got the shovel out!

  2. Bob Noble says:

    The shovel was harder to get than I thought it would be, good thing I waited for the water to be gone or it would still be there. Always good to get something done, each day, even when retired.

  3. Patsy Irene says:

    Productive day at your place too. that shovel was sure in deep!

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