Finally Got Some Shopping Done

Thursday January 8, 2015 Guerneville CA.

Today, I intended to head for Santa Rosa Shopping centers to do some much needed shopping.

On the way, I stopped by the water well drillers place to see if I could get a time table of when he might be going to drill our well. Unfortunately, the guy wasn’t there, but I had a nice chat with his secretary. She did say they hadn’t received the well permit from the county yet. Once they approved it, they had to get an ok from some state agency which she said usually doesn’t take long. So, I left it at that for now.

My van is jumping up and down and wants to go

I’d like to go off and do some exploring in my van. Steve is up at Port Orford, Oregon doing some fishing and kayaking and I’d like to go up there for a week or so. And then, I want to get on down to Quartzite for a spell in about a month, so it’d be nice if stuff would come together.


I continued on over to Home Depot where I picked up some four inch pipe to cover the insulation on the two inch pipe that broke during a big storm. Unfortunately, they didn’t have two inch pipe insulation, so I was only able to get the four inch cover pipe.At least that’s a start.

I hit Wal-Mart, of course, and bought a few things I hadn’t intended and then went on over to Costco and got some much needed stuff to eat.

Corn free coffee

From there I went on over to Peet’s coffee as I wanted to get some corn  free coffee at $22.50 a pound. It’s called Arabian Mocha Sanani. The main thing about this coffee is it’s supposed be go through a dry process to remove the bean from the berries, as apposed to a wet process that the bigger guys use, which I suspect is where they get the corn in the coffee, maybe some kind of sanitizer they add to the water, but no one seems to know?

Well, guess what? They were out of that coffee, but would get it tomorrow.

Always nice to visit with Joe

Moving on, I went over to visit my friend Joe, who was out in his shop puttering. We had a nice talk and I headed towards home.

Need new tires for the car

I stopped at the tire shop in Guerneville called Country Tire, as my car’s tires are starting to look a bit on the bald side, especially on some of the sides. There was only one guy there today and two people ahead of me, so I said I”d return some time later. I’m the kind of guy that just likes to drop in, usually catching them not too busy.

From there it wasn’t far to home and I unloaded the stuff I was able to get today.


I did pig out on my brie cheese as I haven’t had much cheese lately because most of it has corn made stuff in it. I think most of the corn in cheese comes from what they call vegetable rennet, as apposed to animal rennet which most cheese makers aren’t using anymore. They likely grow the rennet mold on corn and then the corn gets into the product.

Anyway the brie was made with animal rennet and sure was nice and creamy.

That was my day, some things got done and some things didn’t, but that seems to be the way life goes.

BBQ brush wire thing

Oh, I decided to send my VA doc an email to see if they can make an appointment to get this BBQ brush wire thing going again as I think I still have at least one down there as the 4x’s normal amount of heartburn medicine I’ve been taking has had no effect on my sore throat. Of course they gave me 4x’s the amount to see if it would, so now we should be able to get back to finding the wire again, but I have to go through whatever channels they go through, so I thought I should get things moving. I think ultimately, I’m going to have to have my throat scoped out to try to find the little things which would also check out if something else might be going on.

Between this and the new well going to be drilled is keeping me from traveling.

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