An Old Tractor and A New Tractor and Not Much Else Going On Except Some Healing

Saturday April 16, 2016 Guerneville CA.

Sitting around healing

This morning I just couldn’t get it going. I got up, had some coffee and immediately it was nap time.

It was a nice sunny day out, but a little too sunny out for my burn, so I stayed in under cover most of the day, doing mostly nothing, just heeling up as much as possible.

I did get some things done

In the evening there was a knock at my door. My brother Tom wanted to move his old wheel tractor he recently acquired from my hard ass uncle that died not too long ago. He had purchased the stuff to make it a 12volt negative ground system instead of a 6 volt positive ground system and wanted me to hook it up for him, thus the move to my place.

This azalea bush greeted me at my hard ass uncles old house which my brother also bought and it’s where the old tractor was next door to my house.Azaila


We move the tractor

Here’s Tom pulling me and the tractor over to my house so I can work on it.towtractor


We parked it there and now I have to study up on hooking up the new parts.tractor


The tractor moves the blocks

Next we needed to move a couple pieces of old cement that a steel tank used to sit on by the old well. It needed to be moved as it was in the way of some valve boxes I need to install to hook it all  back into the pipe system. We put a chain around the cement block and Tom’s tractor did most of the work. There were two blocks to move.block


He pulled the blocks around he corner for now so I can do my work now that the blocks are out of the way.cementblock


The box holds he new pressure tank which also needs to be hooked up.

With the sun down, I was able to sit in my yard for an hour or so before dark, just enjoying the day.

And that was my day.

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