Avocadoes, Quad Maintenance and Checking Things Out After a Good Rain Storm

Tuesday December 27, 2022 Guerneville CA.


It rained good last night for most of the night. My bucket had some where’s between 6 and 7 inches in it. So today I will ride up into the hills and check on water damage to roads.


I picked up these avocadoes from under the tree this  morning. The rains and the winds knocked them down. Good thing as the tree is about sixty feet tall, to high for me. Note, there are no rat or squirrel teeth marks on any of them, so at least for now I have them under control as far as avocadoes go.avocadoes2


It seemed like a good idea to take a chainsaw up into the hills, just in case I needed it. It was pretty windy during the storm.


I noticed the quad was getting hard to start, so I got the tools out and checked it over. I found the water had gotten low in the battery, so filled that up and all was good to go.battery1


And I sharpened and gassed and oiled the chainsaw I was taking with me.saws3


Headed for the hills

I only got to my main gate before I had to stop and throw rocks and the stump off the road that had rolled down the hill during the storm.gate4


I rode on up this road, heading for my neighbor’s place as I knew his road needed some work to keep it from washing out.road7


It had rained enough to start the creek to flowing.creek5


It’s a rather nice looking little creek, eh.creek6



I stopped at this crossing to check it out. Everything looked good here.crossing8


Rock dam

I built this rock dam to catch the dirt and rocks that come down during real heavy rains.
The idea is the dam will hold the gravels back and fill up the hole to make the crossing even better. Maybe the next storm it will fill up. I can wait, as the crossing is pretty good already.dam9


My neighbor’s place

I rode on over to his place and used the shovel to ditch the water off the road that runs down it when it rains. I did it some more, several times going up the road.ditch10


Ditches across the road. The idea is to disperse the water off the road as much as possible to keep it from washing ditches in the road.ditches11


I continued on up the hill and did some more ditching here. This little bit of shovel work, ditching, can keep the road from washing big ruts in the road which is than a big problem.ditches12


Cousin’s place

That took care of that neighbor so I rode on over across our property to another neighbor’s place and did a little ditching there. I met up with my cousin who lives up there so we shot the bull for a bit. She had her shovel and was checking the ditches on her place.

I was headed home when I had to get the chainsaw out to cut this tree out of the way. It was small so didn’t take long.tree13


And I crossed the creek here and went on home.creek


Nice day.

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